The best way to make sure that our children grow with healthy teeth is to teach them good oral care as early as possible. There is no better time than NOW to teach your kids good dental hygiene This is a habit that they will take on growing up and will lessen chances of them having dental issues as an adult.

As busy parents, teaching our kids good dental hygiene can be easy with these tips:

Brush with them

Leading by example. Kids love to copy what we do and we can make brush time a family bonding activity! Brush your teeth with them twice a day and remember to show them how to do it properly.

Choose the right toothpaste for their age

Fluoride strengthens the teeth making them resistant to acids in the moith. Its important that the toothpaste our kids use has age-appropriate level of fluoride.

Colgate Kids Toothpaste 3-5

We’ve recently received products from Colgate’s new kids line, Colgate Kids Toothpaste 3-5. My youngest, Raven who’s 5 has been using it from a couple of weeks now.

Raven doesn’t like toothpastes with strong minty flavors so Colgate Kid’s natural strawberry flavor easily became his favorite. As a result, it makes him brush his teeth more thoroughly since there’s no stinging sensation in his mouth. This also makes me worry less that he’ll swallow it instead.

Colgate Kids Toothpaste also has 0% artificial flavors, preservatives, sweeteners and colors and age -appropriate fluoride levels.

Teach your kid's good dental hygiene

Colgate’s kids line also carries:

  • Baby Toothbrush for 0-12 months – BFA Free and made out of 100% Food-Grade Silicone. It has soft, gentle bristles that help ease the pain of teething
  • Baby Toothpaste 0-2 years – Fluoride- free, baby-friendly natural flavored toothpaste that has % artificial flavors, preservatives, sweeteners and colors .
Teach your kid's good dental hygiene

Take them to visit their dentist

By age 2 or 3, your kids should have regular dental checkups. Dentists (pedia-dentists) would be able to properly check your child’s teeth and gums to ensure their health.

With the current pandemic situation, it has become challenging to visit our dentists. In the meantime, we can consistently make sure that your kids are brushing their teeth twice a day and eating teeth-friendly diet – nothing too sweet and drinking enough water everyday.

As parents, it is our responsibility to make sure that we are here for our children and their smilestones. We can make brush time a fun activity for them that they’ll look forward to.

This is a post brought to you by Colgate Kids. All opinions are my own. Colgate Kids Toothpaste and products are available in Shopee.

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