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This past few months, I’ve been busy organizing our family’s trip to Bohol. We’re going there instead since our flight was one of those affected with the temporary closure of Boracay.

I’ve been searching for our accommodation and different activities we can do while in Bohol. Who knew it’s so stressful to plan! I have friends who are hardcore travelers — DIY style. I don’t know how they do it.

But I see this as practice for our next trip, our first overseas trip that is. We’ve been meaning to visit my sisters and their families in Japan. If everything goes well, hopefully we can finally do so next year.

And being the typical planner-girl me, I’ve been preparing for that as early as now.

Our First Overseas Family Trip Checklist

  • Apply and renew our passports – This is what I’ve been most stressed about. Have you seen how hard it is to secure an appointment lately? Good thing I still have 2 kids under the age of 7 so at least we’re still eligible for the courtesy lane.
  • Secure our Visas – Our relatives are the one inviting us so most of the papers needed would be coming from them. Still, we need to have our important documents on hand like my ITRs, COEs and bank records.
  • Our Itinerary – I imagine most of the activities we’ll do there would be planned by my sisters but I’d still need to list down the stuff the kids (ehem, and me) would be dying to do and try out.
  • Travel Insurance – There’s a myriad of unexpected things that can happen while we’re away and it’s always a comforting knowledge to know that we’ll have a reliable travel health insurance in the Philippines to keep us secure. One thing to not worry about, I must say.
  • Cash On Hand – Japan is an expensive country to travel and to be able to make the most of our trip there, we need to be able to save as much funds as we can.

There’s still a lot of thing that needs to be done before our trip. But the things on this list I think are our topmost priority.

I’m actually scheduling our passport appointment next week and been reading as much as I can on travel insurance policies. Better to be prepared than sorry on our first family trip abroad!

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