Here’s my honest review of the trending Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay.

Aside from keeping myself fit and healthy, I also vow to start and stick to a skin care regimen this 2018.

I’m quite fortunate that though I don’t have flawless skin, it’s not problematic either. I’ll have the occasional pimple or two (especially if I’m due to have my period) but thankfully never had any major breakout.

But since I’m not getting any younger, my skin tends to be dull and course at times. It’s also very oily and the skintone is uneven.

These were the problems I wanted to focus on hence I joined the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay bandwagon.

Where to buy: Healthy Options (got mine from their BGC branch)
TIP: They’re back to regular stocking but due to the recent demand, limits one tub per customer. So if you want to hoard, bring a friend (or friends).
Price: 525php
Claim to Fame: Dubbed as ‘the world’s most powerful facial’. It promises to dig up all the dirt and sebum off your pores, leaving it clear and clean.

How to:
To make the mask, mix with equal parts of raw apple cider vinegar (or water if ACV is too strong for you)

TIP: Use glass or ceramic bowl and spoon since the mixture will react with metals and will reduce its healing properties.
Apply evenly on your clean face and allow 15-20 minutes to dry.

TIP: Use steam to prep your face and if kaya pa ng life, exfoliate to remove dead skin cells.
Once dry, rinse face with warm water. Apply moisturizer after as it’ll dry your face.

I’m grinning here 😬

Verdict So Far:

The Good

When it says that you’ll feel your face pulsate, you’ll really feel it pulsate. Some finds the tightening of the mask as it dries on the face uncomfortable but I kinda liked it. My face and pores felt and looked clean afterwards. Others experienced redness but thankfully I didn’t.


Maybe it was the hype that made me set my expectations quite high for this mask.
I’ve used it for 3 consecutive nights and unfortunately aside from making my pores clean it also made it open and more visible. (I have big open pores to begin with), It also didn’t do much with my oil situation.
It could be that the results would be more apparent if you have acne prone or problematic skin talaga since the mask will really dry it out.


I still have a tubfull of product to finish so won’t be purchasing one soon. Though the results were far from my expecatations, I’m willing to give it another go.

I’ll continue using it twice a week and probably use water instead as preparing the mask can be a hassle and hindi ko talaga kaya si ACV.

Momshies, have you tried Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay? How was your experience, was it any good? Please do share!

5 thoughts on “Review: Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay”

  1. Maybe you can use it instead as a clay for when you have mga malas na need tuyuin? Like spot masking only on the problem areas? hehehe I have a couple of pimples now cause it’s almost that time of the month and naloloka ako cause my usual cleanser doesn’t work as effective… pa share naman niyan kasi for sure I won’t be able to finish a tub and laging super haba ng pila sa healthy options eh hahaha!

  2. I was wondering what this was all about. I saw the long lines and really wondered what powerful effect this product could have for such a response. Reading your experience my interest is somewhat peaked. I am also lucky to not have skin problems but I’m also trying to maintain a routine.

  3. I have not tried this but am very willing to give it a go. I also intend to care for my skin this year as I am not getting any younger and it is starting to show on my skin. I will definitely wait for your updates on this and decide whether I should purchase a tub soon. Thanks for sharing.

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