Things got a bit crazy over the holidays.
There were reunions and Christmas parties to organize and attend to, gifts to pack, end of year reports to submit, blog posts to schedule and publish, baking orders to do and deliver. I had to write things down on my journal, lest I forget, take a deep breath and soldier on. Surprisingly, parties got attended and enjoyed, gifts packed and appreciated, reports submitted, posts published and paid (hurray!) and orders baked and fulfilled. I don’t know how but yeah, somehow things got done!
But the holiday rush still got the best of me, I missed 2 weeks worth of grocery shopping. Worse, I forgot to stock on the kid’s vitamins for the month. You see, these I always need to have, having 2 school kids and a toddler. Especially now everyone is getting sick with this viral infection going around.
Having discovered Hey Mom couldn’t come at a more perfect time.
Hey Mom is an online shopping portal where you can buy pediatric medicine and vitamins. Their products range includes trusted brands such as Ceelin, Allerkid and Trisopure Baby Wash among many other well-known brands for children’s vitamins, medicines and personal care items. And yes, they even have adult vitamins, medicines and health care needs available.
Easy Shopping at Hey Mom!
You’re done in 3 very easy steps:

  1. Register and set up at account at Hey Mom!

You’ll receive a confirmation email. You may then sign in using your chosen username and password.

  1. Once logged in, you can browse through the helpful articles available relating to health and nutrition. Click on the Shop tab to start shopping for your vitamin needs.

You can then select your product(s), click on Add To Cart then Checkout once you’re ready to pay.

  1. On the checkout page, enter your billing and shipping details and choose how you’d like to pay and you’re good to go.

Available mode of payment are through: Cash, Bank Deposit, Credit Card and/or Cebuana Lhuillier.
My purchase was just Php 423.41 plus Php 90.00 for shipping and handling. Then I just needed to wait for a couple of days for my package to arrive.
The parcel arrived in a securely packed box which I appreciate given that the vitamins were in breakable containers. And here they are:
I’m sure that busy moms juggling several hats would love to try the convenience of shopping at Hey Mom! as whole process took less than 10 minutes from sign up to check out.
The ease of buying children’s vitamins and medicines with only a few clicks away and having them delivered at our doorsteps, allows moms like us tick off one less errand from our never ending to-do list. Go ahead and sign up now at https://shop.clickhealth.com.ph and try shopping on Hey Mom for yourself, mommies!
To get more information and updates about Hey Mom and their products, you may follow their Facebook page and watch out for daily posts and special promos as well.

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