Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are mine.
I’ve always been fascinated with how beauty bloggers on Instagram change their look effortlessly. They can go from straight jet black hair today to platinum blond the next. I was actually concerned on the health of their hair thinking that it’s been through various treatments and coloring.
But then I realized they’re using wigs!
Hair wigs and extensions are great ways to change your look without a lot of work. Since it can be hard to commit to a new and trendy hairstyle or color, a wig is the perfect way to experiment and find a look that suits your personality.
One of the sites I’ve been staking is Black Hairspray as I’ve been particularly interested in lace front wigs. They offer high quality wigs with lace front that give an illusion of natural hair growth along the hairline.
Here’s are some of my favorites:
How would have though they were wearing wigs, right?
Aside from lace front wigs, they have a variety of weaves, ponytails and even beauty supplies that you can conveniently choose from. They also offer in-house live chat customer service that can help you first hand while browsing through their large selection of wigs.
Since Christmas party season is just around the corner, how about making an entrance with your curly blond hair or bold pixie courtesy of Black Hairspray! Enjoy wig-shopping!

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