And just like that, it’s September!
The first half of the year just went by fast, no? So far, I was able to tick off a couple of things from my 2017 list. However, most of the unchecked boxes were under Self-Care. Yes, I know self-care should be non-negotiable especially for us mommas. But between looking after the house and the kids (husband being the eldest kid, hahaha), it’s somehow inevitable that taking care of one’s self gets overlooked.
True story. I can’t even remember the last time I had a facial!
So an invite to Derma 360 and The Momma Club‘s Me and My Baby Event last August 30 couldn’t come at a more perfect time.
Our relaxing afternoon started with an informative session on common skin conditions of children with Dr. Joanne Bustamante – Gonzalez, M.D. – a fellow of Philippine Dermatological Society and American Academy of Dermatology.
You see, even with 3 kids, I still get paranoid whenever I see rashes or insect bites on their skin. While most rashes are harmless and would usually go away on their own, it was nice to hear an expert’s opinion on what to do with them.
Mommas, did you know that you should never put alcohol or hot compress on insect bites or rashes as they tend to dry out the skin or worse, inflame it further? Better to apply cold compress instead to soothe it. However, it’s still best to refer to licensed dermatologists to ensure that you kid’s skin gets the best care.
We were then treated to their Premium Facial (with Diamond Peel, Oxyjet Peel and Theralight). Their facialist (too bad I can’t remember na her name), was really adept and accommodating to my questions. I particularly liked their Oxyjet Peel where they use jet stream that really gets into the pores and cleans away dead skin cells.
It should also be noted that only their licensed dermatologists are allowed to prick pimples, in case you have any.


It was indeed an afternoon well-spent. Aside from the pampering we received, we also got the chance to bond with other mommy bloggers. It was a welcome break from this momma’s everyday routine. Thank you again Derma 360 and The Momma Club!


Derma 360 is a Proffesional Dermatogical Center established by internationally trained and accredited dermatologists to provide medical diagnosis and offer treatment to conditions affecting the skin, hair and nails.
They take pride of their high quality medical services recruiting only highly qualifies support staff of licensed health professionals and continuously training them intensively and updating them with the latest innovations in cutting-edge dermatological technology to take care of you and your babies.

Having one of the best pediatric dermatologist in the country, Derma 360 offers expert medical consultations for both babies ages 0 to 18 years old and adults.
You can visit Derma 360 and consult with the center’s dermatology experts at the Joya Lofts and Towers, Rockwell Center, Estrella St., Makati City. Their clinic is open daily, Mondays to Saturdays from 12 noon to 9 PM and Sundays from 12 noon to 5 PM.
You can also follow them on Facebook Twitter and Instagram or check their site:

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