Start of the year, my husband got hospitalized due to on-set gouty arthritis. On top of that, since his mom was a Type 1 diabetic, we learned that his chances of becoming one is higher as well. He needed to be in a low carbs, low fat diet STAT.
We avoided soda as much as possible, increased our water intake and added more fruits and veggies to our meals. The only thing that’s hard to let go?
The struggle is indeed real, rice being a staple in every Filipino meal. Filipinos love rice, white rice so much that we have a 26.5% overweight prevalence in Southeast Asia exposing us to a number of lifestyle disease like heart disease, obesity, diabetes and stroke.
This situation presents an opportunity that the makers of Grayns Philippines saw as they officially launched it last July 28, 2017 at the Edsa Shangrila Hotel.
Grayns is the FIRST and ONLY rice cooker in the world that reduces starch out of rice. It’s a revolutionary health cooker that cook rice the way it was meant to be — minus the sugar or unhealthy starch.


In our conventional rice cooker, water just evaporates or gets absorbed by the rice. None of the water we add to the rice is drained away. That means all the unhealthy starch from the rice that dissolves in the water gets absorbed back by the rice grains.
What I learned was that with the Grayns Rice Cooker, cooking undergoes a 4-stage process called RevoCook.

  • THERMOSENSE – detects optimal temperature to gelatinize rice for it to release RDS (rapidly digested starch) into the water.
  • DEBOND – retains the temperature so that RDS stays debonded from the rice and dissolves in the water.
  • TRANSUDE – this is when the RDS is drained away with the water into the collection tray.
  • DEMOISTURIZE – rice is rid of any excess moisture, leaving the best tasting, perfectly cooked and absolutely healthy rice.


Perfectly cooked healthy rice. And look at all the starch-y water drained from it!


  • Lower GI
  • Promotes easier digestion (no more bloating!)
  • Recommended for diabetes and weight loss
  • Slower ageing due to less sugar
  • Tastes better, fluffier and at least 50% more volume when cooked
  • Stays fresh longer
  • Keeps you energetic & full for longer
  • Eliminates lethargy, making you less sleepy

GRAYNS is indeed highly recommended for diabetics since its helps them control their blood sugar level. It’s actually a perfect tool to help ANYBODY kick start their diets by allowing them to enjoy eating while lessening their calorie intakes.
It can actually be argued that with it’s price of Php 27,000, it’s expensive. However, if you’ll factor in the healthy benefits you can get from it, it’s a wise investment.
Grayns Rice Cooker is available at Rustans and selected Abenson’s Store. You can learn more about it by visiting their Facebook page.

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