Our sense of smell is perhaps the most powerful of our five senses. A slight whiff of one’s perfume can instantly trigger feelings, emotions even fond or bittersweet memories. When you have a signature scent, people will immediately acquaint the smell with you, leaving with them a lasting impression.
And who wouldn’t want to be memorable, diba?
I was fortunate to have received a complete scent kit from Scents de Alegria and though it took a while (I know I seriously need to work on my back log 🙁 ), I’m finally able to write a review of it now.
Scent de Alegria’s owner Joy, is a former colleague and is one of most kikay girls I know. So this is a sign that she knows what she’s dealing with, guys 🙂
And since I’m all for supporting start-up mommy business ventures, I was beyond excited when she reached out for me to try her products.
The Cherry Blossom collection comes with the following: fragrance mist, hand and body lotion, hand sanitizer and body wash. Also included is the Lemon Love room and linen spray.


Scent de Alegria’s products are in travel sized transparent bottles which perfectly fits my makeup/toiletry pouch. Nothing too bulky that would eat up too much space but are still spill proof. Proof? It survived the constant throwing and tossing c/o of my rowdy 1 year old.


I’m actually quite picky when it comes to fragrances. I just stick to one or 2 tested perfumes since I’m acidic and scents settles differently on my skin. That’s why I’m quite surprised that the Cherry Blossom fragrances were of amazing quality. It has a soft, almost sheer floral scent that’s not too overpowering. And for it’s affordable price, it’s staying power is commendable.
Thumbs up for me!
But what I really love is their Room and Linen Spray. It’s clean citrus-y smell lingers all day even with just a few spritz in the morning. Our bedroom tends to get ‘kulob‘ so I turn to this to freshen up our bed sheets and curtains. I even spray some on the inside of our cabinet so the smell greets me whenever I open it hahaha. That’s how much I like it.


Yes, especially their Room and Linen Spray. The price is very affordable and it goes a long way since you only need a few spritz. Approved on my sulit-meter. Their cute packaging also makes these perfect for gifts and party giveaway or favors.
Thank you again Joy and Scents de Alegria! You may check their Facebook page for the updated list of available fragrances.  Last time I checked, they’re selling specialty soaps as well. Hurray for more goody options!

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