nbi clearance online application renewal
I dreaded the idea of applying for an NBI Clearance when I learned that I needed a copy late last year.

Lining up in Quiapo-Carriedo for almost half of the day and going home with ink stained fingers clutching a piece of paper with my by then mukha-nang-may-criminal-record mug would always be my NBI Clearance memory. I quickly asked around, “NBI Application is now online, right?”

And as it turned out, it is!

NBI Clearance Online Application

Applicants would just need to register through www.nbi-clearance.com/.
nbi clearance online renewal application
To manage the number of applicants per satellite offices,  NBI now strictly implements a ‘No Appointment, No Entry’ policy.

  • Upon signing up, you’ll be asked to fill out the application form with your correct personal information.

nbi clearance online renewal application

  • You’ll then need to set a 6 digit PIN and then indicate the ID(s) you’ll bring upon application.

nbi clearance online renewal application

  • A prompt will pop up reminding you how important the registration code/reference number is (so take note of it).

nbi clearance online renewal application

  • Then select the NBI branch and available appointment date nearest/most convenient for you. You also need to choose the Purpose of your request for an NBI clearance.

    Most common reason would be for local employment or ID purposes and this costs Php 115.

nbi clearance online renewal application

  • To complete the transaction, you’ll need to choose your preferred payment option.

    Please note that there’s additional Php25 service fee for the e-payment. Further instructions will be given depending on the payment option you chose.

nbi clearance online renewal application
NOTE: You also have the option to pay on the NBI branch you selected. No service fees however expect queues of people who like you chose to pay onsite.

  • You can then print your transaction details though it’s not required. What’s important is that you take note of it since it will be your gate pass when you enter the NBI Clearance center.

nbi clearance online renewal application

  • Lastly, show up on your appointment day at the center you selected with your reference number and 2 valid IDs.

Easy peasy, right?

I chose the NBI Clearance center at Starmall – Alabang since it’s the one nearest our place. The mall opens at 10:00 AM but you can pass through the basement parking since the center itself opens at 7:30 AM. I went there on a Monday at around noon and there’s already queues of applicants there before me.

TIP: Dress appropriately. Those who were in shorts and slippers were not allowed inside the office.

nbi clearance application starmall alabang
Despite the number of people waiting, it was organized and the line was moving at a steady pace. Once you’re inside, there’s AC and chairs so it’s comfortable naman. My information was verified (to see if there’s any incorrectly entered details) and my photo and fingerprints taken. The whole process took less than 2 hours to finish.

It was so systematic and fast. 

Unfortunately, I got a HIT ( first time this happened) and was asked to come back after 5 business days. I called their hotline number (below) after 2 days to check if my clearance is ready and it was! So it pays to be makulit minsan mga bes haha. 

Sidenote: I was actually surprised that somebody answered their hotline number, unlike that of SSS’ when I tried to follow up on my SSS ID.

nbi clearance online renewal application starmall alabang
Overall, my experience with the new electronic NBI Clearance online application process is way more efficient and way less stressful compared to my last. How about yours?

10 thoughts on “Mommy How To: NBI Clearance Application/Renewal”

  1. oh this post reminds me that I need to renew my NBI clearance na hihihi! It’s been 4 years ago na pala. I still remember nong nag apply ako na mabilis lang wala pang 30 mins tapos na at dito lang malapit sa location namin. Yong iba, I heard na na hit daw sila kaya kaylangan pa nilang maghintay or bumalik.

  2. I’ve used this feature twice or thrice now. Not for me but for my bro-in-law and my husband. Such a great convenience. It only took no more than 30 minutes for my husband to complete the process. Problem is, may hit si hubby so he needed to come back. lol.

  3. This is so convenient! Last time I tried getting my clearance, whole day ako nagantay and had to go back kasi may hit.

  4. The last time na kumuha ako ng NBI was 7 years ago, when they were still operating in Quiapo. But in 2015, I was the one who scheduled my husband’s NBI clearance online and we got his sa Monumento office nila.Easy-peasy! Sana lahat ganito 🙂 Very helpfup tips, mommy!

  5. The last time I got one is for me to be able to get my passport. As in madaling araw palang nakapila na ako sa Ever Commonwealth 5AM? Very good thing they upgraded na!

  6. I haven’t had the need to get an NBI Clearance. It’s a comforting thought to know that it can be done online. I remember when I had to line up under the heat of the sun for hours!

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