If you’ve been following me in Instagram (@mommykach P.S. follow me you’re still not :D), you’ll notice that I’m been embracing the #homemaker state of mind lately.
I’ve recently discovered the joys of cooking and baking, I even found a way to make a small business out of it. I’ve been selling homemade banana cakes and leche flan to my office mates and neighbors. And you can say that business has been kinda good lately because of the Christmas season, I can hardly keep up with the orders! It’s tiring since I do have a full time job plus still breastfeeding Raven but it’s a good kind of tired. I really enjoy baking, sabi ko nga ‘I think I found my passion na.’ Plus having a raket for added income doesn’t hurt either.
It’s indeed a fulfilling feeling especially when I get repeat orders. It means it’s good and they want more LOL.
And in line with my new #homemaker peg, I noticed that things on my Christmas wishlist this year are mostly household items and appliances! No more shoes, makeups and books for now.
Number one item on my ultimate wishlist is this Sharp New J-Tech Inverter Refrigerator.

The new Sharp J Tech Inverter 2-Door Refrigerator [SJ-FTS08AVS-SL, SJ-FTS09AVS-SL] with it’s unique features and functions, ensures you of a bright, merry and worry-free Christmas.
This top of the line appliance is equipped with a spacious two-way fresh room that when closed serves as a chiller that rapidly cools the compartment for perfectly chilled drinks.
It is also complete with adjustable freezer shelves for maximum storage, big door pockets to accommodate tall and large bottles, tempered glass shelves strong enough to hold up to 100kg worth of items, and a large vegetable compartment for all your fresh ingredients.
The Sharp J-Tech Inverter 2-Door Refrigerator also has abuilt-in premium Ag+Cu Nano deodorizer that effectively supresses and eliminates strong lingering odors inside the fridge—preserving the taste, freshness, and flavor of all dishes or food stored.
Feel Extra Festive For Less
Also powered by the engineering of the J-Tech Inverter, it has a 32-step rotation compressor speed that gives afast, even, and optimum cooling performance, ensuring that you and your guests only drink the coolest and the most refreshing beverages.
The balanced and consistent cooling temperature also helps retain the crispness and freshness of any food item stored for later use.
Moreover, the new refrigerator series is further enhanced by the unique Extra Eco Mode button which allows the fridge to adjust to the most appropriate cooling temperature whenever there are less items inside.
Without the excessive work of producing unused and unnecessary cool air, and in using LED lighting, it can save up to 46% on energy—truly affirming the efficient, durable, and masterful design system only Japan Technology can bring. Then also with the 7 Shields Protection, it is sure to withstand any hazards like instability, vibration, and fire.
I just can see it, with the the Sharp J-Tech 2-Door Refrigerator, budding homemakers like myself will never fret the next time we hold a party. It will surely be a stress free experience from the time  the ingredients are purchased up until it’s time to clean-up and store any leftovers (if they’ll be any haha!)
Know more about this new refrigerator series by going to any authorized Sharp dealers near you. You may also visit Sharp’s official website, Sharp Philippines on Facebook and @sharp.ph on Instagram for more information.

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