DIY Sadness Costume Inside Out
DIY Sadness Costume Inside Out

Needs a quick DIY costume for your kids this Halloween? We came as Sadness from Inside Out!

Our office had our annual Halloween Costume/ Trick or Treating party last week and my 2 girls came as their favorite Disney (which was this year’s theme) characters.

My kids are now in the age na they love dressing up na kaya medyo career kami with our costumes this year πŸ˜›

My eldest, Cesca, came as Princess Aurora (from The Sleeping Beauty) while Seven came as her favorite Inside Out character, Sadness.

DIY Sadness Costume – Inside Out

When I asked Seven who she wanted to go to as for Halloween, she immediately answered Sadness. And Β since I’m a certified stage mother, I said go agad agad haha!

I made a mental checklist of the things we already have:

  • white knitted sweater (previously bought from ukay-ukay for 10 freaking pesos!)
  • black glasses
  • leggings

My main problem now is how to achieve Sadness’ trademark blue hair and face make up.

Hair and Makeup

The Sadness transformation essentials

I was supposed to buy a blue wig for Sadness’ hairΒ but I saw blue Color Hair Spray in Watson ( priced around P230). I asked the saleslady if it can be used for kids and she confirmed na yes, pwede sa bagets!

I really like this one since it doesn’t have any strong smell, the color pay-off is incredible plus it’s a breeze to wash off.

For the face make up, I mixed cornstarch with face cream (you can use any, I used Pond’s cold cream since that’s the one I have at home) then added blue food coloring. I just adjusted the color but adding more drops of food coloring to get my desired blue-ness.

I then used a flat make up brush to evenly apply the paint on her face, neck and ears.

And here she is:

Was in character the whole time πŸ˜›
Photo by DrixzPhotography

She was a hit! Ang benta lang ng costume ni bagets haha!

Since most girls (her Ate Cesca included) came as princesses, her unique Sadness costume definitely stood out. Plus, more emote pa sya whenever she gets asked for a photo. She was in character the whole time with her pouting and sad poses. She even won second prize for Best in Costume πŸ˜€

Here is my eldest’s Aurora costume naman:
For her costume, we just re-used her pink ballgown (which she previously used sa Sagala). We added an Aurora crown (bought for Php 88 from Daiso) and a pair of white gloves (Php 25 from SM Department Store). Mukha nang debutant ang ate πŸ˜›

I’m just amazed at how fast my girls are growing and how distinct and different their personalities are. Cesca is my girly girl while Seven is always the quirky one. They had loads of candies and fun, they’re already planning on their costumes for next year!

NOTE: We used shampoo to take off the spray on hair color. As for the face paint, I just used Cetaphil cleanser.

25 thoughts on “DIY Sadness Costume – Inside Out | Mommy Kach”

  1. Aw, that’s so cool. I’m sure she loved the experience dressing up as a cartoon character. Inside Out was a great film albeit with loopholes, as most fiction do. I tried that color spray in purple before, for my hair, and it was okay, haha.

  2. Ang galing ng naisip ninyo ha! I am so sure she was a hit kasi it’s not like common ang ganyang merong color lalo sa face. Haha. I think you did a fantastic job. I am sure your daughter had loads of fun and of course, pride mo at all time high kasi every praise e ikaw ang may gawa. πŸ™‚

  3. Scream, this is really shown your creativity in which I don’t have it since then. I like how the paint comes with a sadness effect it is very cool that rhymes with what Halloween all about. I like how you come up with that thought, I should try it as well next time when I get the chance.

  4. that’s so cute! Sadness is one of my favorite characters from the film next to Disgust hehe…I was intrigued with the color hairspray.. I haven’t try one but I think this could be very helpful in my future cosplay! Anyway, i think the kiddos had a blast!

  5. You did an amazing job with the costumes. I love them both! And your girls looks so cute in them πŸ™‚ The princess costume never gets old. And congrats to Seven for second price. I think it’s awesome when siblings are different, it’s means that they have a personality and gets to be themselves.

  6. Cute costumes. You did a great job! The children look very happy in it and cute as well. I always wanted to be a princess when I was young. My mom could never really find a princess dress haha. It was not that fun! But I was happy anyways, went to school dressed like pipi. Do you know pipi from scandinavia?

  7. The movie Inside Out is great! We even wrote a review about it on Conmose. I like that the movie inspired you for this costumes. Great that she won the second prize for Best in Costume. Very creative! The costume of your eldest is also great!!

  8. Wow.. you nailed it perfectly.. I am so amazed when mommies go all out to help their kids dress up for Halloween.. my best attempt was for my daughter to go as a cat… hahaha and that was at the Halloween costume party at Legoland

  9. Such a cute idea! It’s a good thing too that its ok with her to put something on her face. That’s not an easy task especially for toddlers. Reminds me of my experience with my twins with their first Halloween, I can’t even make them wear their hats! Really love DIY where you don’t need to spend much.

  10. Inside out is one of my fave! I’ve always been a Disney girl hanggang ngayon. Haha. Ang cute naman! At very unique na hindi Disney princess and costume kundi si Sadness. Photogenic and in character si daughter, ang cute talaga. <3

  11. Last year, we saw Inside Out costume din, magkakapatid naman sila. This year, no Trick or Treat for us and my son said, nakalimutan ko daw. hehehe! Nice DIY and kinareer nga ng anak mo ang sadness, bawal tuloy magsmile sa pix. πŸ™‚

  12. They are so cute! I am super excited when it is time to dress up my little man every Halloween. He will surely go for an Ironman suit! Seven definitely nailed the Sadness persona. And Cesca is so gorgeous on her ball gown.

  13. I love the movie too. It made me cry and laugh at the same time. Though my favorite character happens to be Anger (lol). I wanted to DIY Anger last year for my son’s trick or treat costume last year, but he opted for Batman (Batman is cooler nga naman with gadgets and muscles).

  14. I love this movie! You did great job making them look amazing! It’s so nice you made an effort with them to keep the night magical etc! The princess costume is always a winner

  15. I loved the movie Inside Out even though I don’t have kids and I totally went there and watched on my own πŸ™‚
    The costume looks great, and the way she remained in her character is so adorable haha

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