I can still remember the first time I bathed my eldest, Cesca.
Being a new mom, I was so scared that I held her delicately, almost afraid to wash her up, fearing I might do something wrong like lose my grip of her or put shampoo on her eyes. It truly was an experience.
Well, 3 babies later, you can say that I’m already a pro at bath time, haha!
To make bath time fun (for baby) and easy (for mommies), there are several things to keep in mind:

  1. Find the ‘perfect’ time for bath time.

For their first months, I bathe my babies early in the morning around (8-9ish) when it’s not too cold or hot yet. I find that around this time, they are most alert. They are just in between feeds by this time as well so they are less fussy.
Then, on their 6th month, I bathe them in the early afternoons (1PM-ish) naman.  They are mobile na  with all the crawling and walking and are probably sweating a lot, so a refreshing bath is perfect just in time for their afternoon nap.

  1. Gather all your bath supplies within reach.

Warm water, cotton balls (for newborns), washcloth, baby wash/shampoo and a baby towel. Best to have these handy because you don’t want to leave the baby unattended in the bathroom even just a second.
WARM WATER                                                                
The tip here is to test the water’s temperature using your elbow instead since it’s more sensitive than your arm. Trust your instinct lang, muthers.
If it feels too hot or cold, then adjust the temperature accordingly.
I personally use cotton balls instead of wash cloths during my kid’s first months. This is to avoid scrubbing their delicate skin too much plus it’s easier to reach in between the skin’s folds ( lalo na if you have a chubby baby  😀 )
It may take some time to master this, but it’s best to put a towel ready on your lap so right after rinsing, you can immediately wrap your baby para they won’t get cold. Again, you don’t want to take your eyes off your kid even for just a minute while running to the other room to get a clean towel.
I’m fortunate that none of my kids have extremely sensitive skin.
That being said, I’m still meticulous with the stuff I use on their skin and scalp. Baby’s skin is a whole lot more sensitive than adults so it is still very important that what we use on them is hypoallergenic and gentle.
For all my 3 kids, Lactacyd Baby Bath is part of my bath time arsenal as I have road tested it to be very mild and non-irritating. However, I do use other baby wash brands as well lalo na once the kids starts crawling and walking since they begin to sweat a lot na.
For the past week, we have been using Baby Care Plus+ Baby Wash and Baby Shampoo and so far, I’ve been loving the results.
Baby Care Plus+ Baby Wash is great in gently cleansing my son’s delicate skin. I particularly like that it has Lamesoft Skin Protector, this has kept Raven’s skin clean but not too dry. It’s still soft to touch and very moisturized.
Aside from it being hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested, what I liked best about it is the mild yet lasting powdery scent. I’m very mapili with bath wash and soaps that are scented since I don’t like those that are overpowering, lalo na when it’s mixed with sweat na. Asthma also runs in our family so we are really cautious with anything that’s strong-scented that might trigger an attack.
Of course, I like my babies smelling fresh and mabango throughout the day, and Baby Care Plus+ Baby Wash delivers in this category.
My 1 year old now crawls and walks all over the house and with our weather, it’s unavoidable that he’ll get sweaty. But even after a whole afternoon of crawling, he still smells so good! Nakakagigil and ang sarap amoy amuyin!
As for the Baby Care Plus+ Baby Shampoo, I think it’s a keeper as well.
At 1, my son already has a headful of hair that’s prone to amoy-asim once sweaty. I liked that aside from gently cleaning my baby’s hair and scalp, Baby Care Plus+ Baby Shampoo also has Cetoil Conditioners. Raven’s hair is never stiff and dry.
And again, it also has that great, long lasting powdery smell na nakakagigil!
My one gripe though, it’s somewhat of a challenge that both products doesn’t come with a pump. Since Raven is malikot na, it would have been easier to hold my son with one hand and pump the wash with the other sana.
But overall, these are products that I both recommend.

  1. Be calm and enjoy bath time!

It’s the perfect bonding activity for you and your child. I found that singing silly songs to Raven while bathing calms him. I get rewarded pa with a happy giggle or smile!
If your child is interested na with toys, you can bring bath toys to keep them entertained as well.
It’s quite understandable to be stressed out on your first couple of tries bathing your babies. Just remember that as with anything, trust your mother’s instinct and everything will get better along the way. 🙂
Note: I was provided with free Baby Care Plus+ products in return for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions, though, are my own and not influenced by the brand/company.
P.S. Mommies, November is my birthday month and will be holding a giveaway soon! Keep a look out as I’ll be giving Baby Care Plus+ products for your babies to try 🙂

6 thoughts on “Baby Bath 101 + Baby Care Plus+ Baby Bath and Shampoo Review”

  1. Great bath tips! It’s really daunting to give newborns a bath as we always have the notion that they’re so delicate and so fragile. I hope I can still remember how to give them a bath when I give birth to my third. Haha! I use Kids Plus on the kids too and they love the sweet scent!

  2. My sister-in-law gave me some of these products and they went well with my kids’ skin. =)
    For my kids, I try to give them a bath when I know they’ve used up all their energy. Haha. So after bath time, it will be very easy for me to let them sleep.

  3. We are almost done with the Baby Care Products. But I love the Kids Plus products more! The smell is so fruity! Even if the kids are sweaty after an all day play, they still smell fresh.

  4. I love this product from Tupperware. My little man has such powdery smell when I used the Baby Plus, and s fruity smell with the Kids Plus variant. How I wish Tupperware offers bigger or pump size ones.

  5. My sister and I couldn’t agree kung alin ang mas maganda, whether kids plus or baby plus. I always thought that it’s baby plus pero my sister insists kids plus is the best! haha. Both of them are really great and have the scents of their own that we all love.

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