So there I was, in yet another company party, in one of BGC’s swankiest clubs nursing a glass of….iced tea. Drinking iced tea. In a club. In BGC.
Like being poured with cold water, realizations slowly crept in. Yup, it can now be said, I’m officially a TITA.
I really shouldn’t be surprised though, I mean there were signs:


I have developed an aversion to them.
I just find their incessant noise and rough housing…ANNOYING and DRAINING. I just want my peace while I listen to my Ted Talks podcasts. Thank you very much.


Feeling legit-ly up to date by adding diversity to your 90’s alternative playlist when you ‘discovered’ ONE current song and then playing it on loop.


TRUE STORY. A couple of friends from work went to Neverland Manila. While making kwento about the festival, one asked me if I know EDM.

Hello?!?! Of course, I know EDM!

(In a halos pabulong na voice) Yung may tsug tsug, tunog tunog.
Yes, it was just sad.


While friends were climbing mountains and attending raves, I was browsing Metrodeal and was seriously contemplating to buy…A SEWING MACHINE.
Also, the baking/home section of the department store is now officially among my happy places.



There is so much excitement whenever I’m in the aisles of SM Hypermart and SNR.


Believe me when I say that I can drink. I once tried marathon drinking for 2 days and still went to work like nothing happened.
But now?
NOPE. Pass me the Advil and keep your voices down while I dry heave.


This just got to be my peak tita moment.
While my friends were dancing/flirting their hearts out on the dance floor, I looked after their bags/phones.
While munching on pulutan.

Hey, when you think about it, there is nothing wrong with being a Tita. I am actually relishing the feeling. It may feel like letting go of things you were comfortable with and getting used to a new lifestyle. But it also mean discovering a new facet of yourself.
Now, excuse me mga bes, while I pinned more cupcake recipes. Lol!
How about you? How much of a tita na are you?

45 thoughts on “Admit it, you’re a Tita now”

  1. Hahahaha I don’t know why a lot of these are so relatable to me right now. And I’m not even in my 20s yet! I guess maybe it’s because I’d become too independent these days. Either way, I’m really feeling these symptoms, especially the ‘youths’ part. Ugh.

  2. Super relatable! One more year and I’m in my late twenties already. Haha! Before, noisy “youths” don’t bother me (because I was one of them) but now I can’t stand it! Titas of manila feels na talaga. I just want to chill and drink tea. Enjoying this phase because someday I’ll be one of the lolas of manila naman. Time flies. Haha!

  3. Yeouch, what is a 40ish then? I always believed that age is just a state of mind, but with difficulties reading small prints, backache, etc… the problem is real. I think one just need to embrace life at whatever age your in. Love life and age gracefully.

  4. HAHAHA! Oh my dear. I’m in my early 20s pa lang (I’m a young mom), pero believe me. Kapag nakaka-salubong ako ng high school students na putok na putok ang red lipstick, gusto kong sungalngalin bibig nila kasi… Hello… Ang babata nyo pa mga ‘te!! Yun talaga mga naiisip ko. Siguro dahil parent na rin ako and I wouldn’t want my baby girl in the future to do the same. Pero ang dami na talagang nagbago since I became a parent. I don’t drink alcohol anymore, but I know I’m not boring. I just needed the cup of coffee more kesa sa isang bucket ng beer. Hahaha! Apir Mommy! 😀

  5. I always wanted to learn how to sew! Pero ’til now di parin nakakabili ng makina. hehe. Even before I became a mother (or married), di na ako masyado gumigimmick. Kaya naging smooth ang transition ko pagdatig jan! haha. Thankfully, I’m the first born, so sila ang naging tita pag labas ng anak ko! lol.

  6. This is partly true to me. LOL. I’m already in my late 20s and seeing youths na so different during my time para gusto kong tanungin ng ‘anyare sa kilay mo teh?’.. Hahahaha. I still can’t relate with domestic hobbies though, and I stopped drinking when I became a mom.

  7. Hahahaha!! Hands down! A Tita!!!! My gosh. I don’t even know what EDM is. Let alone Neverland chuchu. Nakakatawa coz my officemate and I are just talking about how much of a Tita I am now. Kasi di ako makamove on sa lyrics ng Starving. I mean, come on!!! Ano daw?? I didn’t know that I’m starving until I tasted you!!! Na-offend ako. Bwahaha..

  8. I can totally relate to your post. I guess my realization also crept in when I started looking for staycation deals over at deal grocer and preferred it vs. other activities. My oh my I would also go gaga when I see that the deal would include free spa use!

  9. Hahahaha! Hey, is that me!?!?! Ohmy I can surely relate to everything you have posted! Hahaha Mygosh I’m such a Tita!!! Hahaha! And speaking of the current music, been listening to ‘Closer’ by The Chainsmokers! Hahaha!

  10. This whole blog post made me smile from ear to ear. I started becoming a Tita early 2010. I was 21 lang naman, but I worked abroad 6 days a week, split shift, and I figured that I don’t want to spend rest days with a hangover so I stopped drinking. Like you, I was once in a bar, drinking “hot tea” naman. I found myself listening to “new songs” on the radio while riding a GrabCar with my 1-yr old son and I blurted out “Uy, yan na pala mga pinapakinggan ng mga kabataan ngayon.” Wow! Hahaha! Tita, indeed.

  11. I noticed that i am not addressing my kids as anak. I seldom call them anak as well. I often call them by their name or silly codenames I make. Then last year, my then grade 6 boy’s girl classmate would message me on fb and ask for my son. When we see each other at school, she would call me tita. Thats when i realize I am old na and I am not anymore addressed as ineng or hija. Tita na ako. Mas ok pa rin un kesa sa ale or manang. 🙂

  12. Oh goodness I saw that EDM meme on Facebook and all the while I thought it meant Electronic Direct Mail (which I deal with everyday at work). Guess I out-tita’ed you there haha! Srsly this speaks to me on a spiritual level loool

  13. Hahaha! I remember my partner’s cousin who’s now 27 and doing some groceries at SM, she took a photo of her loot and captioned it with “Tita duties” wherein the loot were actually for baking stuff. And she never bake for my son that night. Hahaha! Now I got her then caption. She’s just being a Tita pala. 😂

  14. So this is what Titas of Manila all about pala. Oh my, we are in the same boat hahaha. Sabi pa nga nila, you’re a tita when you can’t leave the house without baby wipes in your bag hehehe.

  15. Shocks! I don’t know what EDM means too! Ha Ha Ha! Super natawa talaga ako dito. And true, before I can go to work with a hangover without any sleep at all. Now, hay naku matutulog na lang ako sa bahay! 🙂

  16. Hahahaha relate much 🙂 After namin nag try uminom at nalasing I promised to myself na as in di na ako iinom ulit kasi ang pangit ng result sakit sa ulo at suka ako ng suka.

  17. kids this days…. tsk. tsk. tsk…
    my so tita-like comment.
    and i’m guilty of all those things, i gues it’s what the kids call adulting nowadays!

  18. Hahaha! This is so funny. I can super relate! With 4 kids, how can I not be a “tita”? But seriously, I’ve always had a “tita” in me even when I was younger. So, now that it’s out full blown, it’s not really a shock to me. Haha!

  19. Homaygad!!! I can drink two days but right now I don’t even attempt to drink a bottle of beer. The sound of the club makes my head spin and just wants a quiet sleep! Officially a tita now!

  20. Friendship i dont know if matatawa of maiiyak ako dito…so ano nga ba ang EDM and ano na nga bang lasa talaga ng ALAK today??? paki explain pls..wah!

  21. I very seldom drink when I was a teenager, lalo na these days. I really don’t think I like the taste of anything alcoholic na. I guess I’m a tita for a very long time na.

  22. I Super love this! sharing this on my fb feed! and yes super relate ! im not just a mama im also a tita! i used to love super loud music now when the volume is up at 9 in the car, i would tell my niece to lower the volume down as it gives me headache. hahaha

  23. Geez. I’m only 24 and I can relate to all of these! Especially “the youths”! It’s like I no longer identify myself with them. Also, while watching TV series, I can often relate to the adults in the movie rather than the young protagonist!

  24. Times have changed, or was it us, or both? I can relate to you. I am older than you and how I view the younger generation and do things the old ways are much more evident. Plus, I wanted to ask, what is EDM?

  25. Okay fine, I’m officially a tita :)) Btw, I learned about EDM just last night! I had to ask my brother pa about it coz I have no idea what it is :))

  26. I got really depressed reading your post.
    Come on! I’ve been doing that years ago. But yeah, loud music isn’t just for me.
    Acoustic sounds, coffee and conversations are still the best for me.

  27. HAHHAAH This is a really funny post! I’ve always been hearing my friends, who are so much younger than me refer to themselves and other friends as titas. Must be because it’s famous now or people are really losing the interest to party or be risky. I’m thinking about how it’s just a phase before someone turns into a full on adult!

  28. Hahaha love this. But I don’t think I’ll ever look forward to groceries though haha. I do it weekly. But I don’t really like it haha. I always seems the same. I can relate to drinking though haha. Luckily I don’t drink very often.

  29. Yes, no doubt, you are now a tita! Haha! But do not feel too down because you are not alone! I am sure a lot of people can relate. I absolutely look forward to our grocery runs and browsing through online shops for appliances and items for my kiddo! 😀
    P.S What ever the heck does EMD mean?

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