We had a dengue scare in our neighborhood last week.
A couple of kids in our area got sick and since we already had a history with dengue, we re-enforced the precautions we were taking to protect the kids. I was a couple of months pregnant with Raven when my middle child got dengue and it was honestly the most stressful thing.
Mahirap nang maulit.
So, my father in law cleaned his ‘bodega’ to ensure that there wont be any places for the mosquitoes to breed in, we stocked on  mosquito patches and repellent and ultimately made sure that the kid’s immune system is strong.
Ensuring that the kids are healthy is the hardest part.
For one, my eldest is a very picky eater. As in sobrang mapili with her food that I worry she’s not getting all the nutrients she needs especially now that she’s so busy with school.

Our little firecracker on a rare photo where she’s standing still! haha!

Not to mention that I also have a very active 3 year old who loves to sing and dance non-stop. She’s like a hurricane, I can hardly keep up!
Good thing we received supplies of Nutri10Plus from Wertz Philippines earlier this month.
My daughters been taking it for 3 weeks now and I can attest to it’s results this early.
Since it has Lysine, my eldest’s eating habits improved. She’s now more magana finishing her meal and baon.
I also like that it was Taurine, Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) and Zinc among another minerals that boosted the girls physical growth, brain development and immunity. Just last week, hubby and I got colds pero they were able to fight off the virus. Plus it gives our little active Seven much needed energy to run all over the place!
They also enjoyed it’s ponkan flavor, I didn’t had a hard time asking them to try it out the first time.
Of course, nothing still beats a well-balanced diet. But since our busy schedules make it hard for us to get healthy meals for the kids, multivitamins like Nutri10Plus gives moms like me the peace of mind that they are getting any missing nutrients their body needs to grow strong and healthy.
To learn more about Nutri10Plus, you may check their FB page.

31 thoughts on “Mommy Review: Nutri10Plus for Kids”

  1. My 10-year old is taking Nutri10 Plus as well. I would ask him from time to time if he feels any improvement. He mentioned that he becomes taller daw. But more than anything, I find him more energetic and maganang kumain. I will continue our Nutri 10 Plus din.

  2. We first tried Nutri10 plus when Wert Philippines sent us our first batch of vitamins last year and we haven’t looked back since. It helps strengthen my son’s immune system so well!

  3. I’m happy with the results as well. My picky Aeon is eating well with Nutri10. I’m glad that we were able to find a good vitamins for the kids. It’s really hard when they’re sick. They have to be healthy.

  4. I am now raising a toddler and so far ok naman yong vitamins niya. Nowadays, we really need to have suitable vitamins for our chikitings. Good thing you have found the perfect vitamin for your kid.

  5. It really is a must that we give our children supplements to boost their immune system, especially in this kind of weather. We have yet to try this as my son is more keen on the chewable types, but maybe we can try this one when we ran out of stock.

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