One of the requirements when filing for your SSS Maternity Notification is your UMID or  SSS biometrics ID card. It’s also considered as a valid ID here in the Philippines so having one is a major convenience. It becomes an inconvenience though when you already applied for one and haven’t received it after a month. Let me share with you how I managed to follow up and get my SSS ID..

I applied for one last year (July 2015) when I was 6 months pregnant at SM Aura (they have an express lane for pregnant members yey!). The whole application was a breeze, again partly because I had to skip the queue. I was given an acknowledgement stub as proof of application and was informed that the card will be sent to the address indicated in my card within 30 days maximum.

I remember waiting for it the first week but I totally forgot about it until last month when I needed another primary ID for some bank transactions!

See, it’s nearly a year already and I haven’t received it yet. I am not too fond going to government offices (am I alone on this? haha) so I tried several means to follow up on my SSS ID application (visiting a SSS branch being the last option)

Following up on your SSS ID Application

1. Call the SSS Hotline number at (632) 9206401/ 9206446

You can follow up on your SSS ID by calling the numbers above. Sadly, I haven’t had the luck getting hold of anybody through them. It’s either unattended or busy. I might have called them on a very busy day, perhaps? I called in the afternoons as well so it’ll be worth a try to contact them early in the morning.

2. Email them at [email protected] or [email protected]

I got these email addresses in one of the threads from their official Facebook page. I emailed both on July 19th with the following details:

  •                 Full Name
  •                 SSS number
  •                 Birthday
  •                 Date of application

I got a reply on July 26th from [email protected], informing me that was card was already picked up by Philpost for delivery to my address on August 25 2015 pa! They also asked me to coordinate with my local post office.

follow up sss id

3. Drop by your local post office.

I also read in one of the FB threads that most IDs when undelivered are sent back to the post office. Since our local post office in Taguig is near our place, I went there one afternoon just to try my luck (this is prior to them replying to my email inquiry) and follow up on my SSS ID.

And it was there all along! Haha!

Apparently, they tried to deliver it to our place 3 times but it came back ‘unknown’. When I asked how it is ‘unknown’ they explained that they couldn’t find it daw. Which honestly is unbelievable since I get things sent to the same address all the time and couriers were able to find it.  Weird, I know.

So anyway, here it is!

As you can see from the letter, it was indeed sent August 11th so I guess something went amiss.
I’m just relieved that I finally have my UMID without me having to go through that much hassle. I hope that this helps you too in case you are still waiting for yours.

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  1. I myself already have my SSS ID, pero for so many others, you posted a valuable resource. Often, hindi tayo marunong sa process involved so by posting this, naipakita mo na ang mga gagawin. Good one.

  2. This was a really helpful post that I’m sure will help many others as well. Thanks for compiling it in such a nice and comprehensive way

  3. Your post reminds me of my ugly SSS ID! haha. I had to update my last name and civil status so I did it when I was about halfway or past halfway through my pregnancy, so I gained a lot of weight already! lol! For so many times, I get a look when I use my ID for documentation purposes and now I have to explain that I was pregnant by the time the photo was taken! haha.

      1. That’s great sis! Mahirap explain ng explain na “buntis po ako nang panahong yan”. hahaha! Speaking of process, inabot sakin ng mga 1 month mahigit lang. Buti nalang they don’t expire no?

  4. So basically, if we didn’t receive our card after application, we better check our local post office? And, they didn’t even bother informing you last year that they couldn’t reach your address? Geez, sounds like our post office has gone nuts. At least, they still kept it. Thank you for sharing this. Now, I know what to expect. 🙂

    1. Sounds about right, yes. They said they couldn’t get in touch with me since my address is ‘unknown’. This, by the way, is the same address online stuff and bills gets sent to. You’re welcome 🙂

  5. I really don’t like applying for documents here in the philippines. It feels like it always needs to be processed for more than a month when in fact it’s just a paper or if not, just a small card. What’s hard about processing this stuff, right? But yeah, we need it so we have to go through the long lines and the processing. Thanks for this steps.. it’s helpful when i apply for my own sss id. it’s good to know your id didn’t lost somewhere while it’s being delivered. 🙂

    1. You’re welcome. I guess we need to get rid of red tape in our system first before we can actually request for a document and get it processed within the same day at least.

  6. I will need to do it in my home country soon, so will have some problems like I live abroad now 🙁 But good that you remind me this – I had this in my mind for a while but forget to add to “to do list” 🙂

  7. Grabe! Glad that you got your ID already. I hope they informed you man lang about it being at Philpost all along, it’s not like they can’t contact you right? And thank goodness they kept it even if it was over a year already. Wait may expiry ba yung UMID, I don’t remember haha XD
    Also, I hate transacting with government offices too! XD

    1. I don’t think it has an expiry date like sa postal id hehe. It would really save people time if they’d tell you immediately upon application that if you didn’t receive your ID after this period of time, check your postal office. Anyways, I’m just glad they kept it all this time 🙂

  8. I am grateful that my sss id came to me on the time that I am expecting it to arrive that I no longer need to make follow up. This is really useful! SSS ID is one of the valid id that we all must possess so you really have to keep yourself updated with the process to prevent any issues in the future!

  9. This post is very helpful for me because I don;t really have an SSS ID. I have been working freelance for six years now and my mom has been bugging me to be a member of SSS. She calls it investment for myself but I find it too hassle to apply and get my ID. One of these days I’ll apply and refer to your post. 🙂

    1. I always wonder how’d it work for freelancers. I guess you can enroll for voluntary payment but I also heard of some you invest on stocks instead. Hope you won’t encounter any problems should you decide to apply for an UMID. 🙂

  10. My sss id was lost 6 years ago, now I am processing for new ID. The good thing is they have Unified ID at leat tatlo na numbers. But I still need to comply with the affidavit of lost. Thanks for sharing how to follow up, usually sa postal talaga may problem

  11. So there’s a way to follow up the SSS ID application now? Cool! I got mine a year ago but the waiting time is really not that long. Well, it’s 2 months but considering the fact that my friends before me didn’t get theirs until years after, then I think 2 months is pretty fast. I wish they would find a way to make processing faster though. But I’m glad that people can now email them and that they actually reply.

    1. I’ve heard of that. Apparently they had a problem with their system that caused the delay. Some actually applied for a new one even without getting the one they initially applied for. Good to hear you were able to get yours relatively faster.

  12. This reminds me to apply for my voluntary SSS. Ive been staying at home for more than a year already and Sayang naman ung past SSS contributions ko if I will not continue. I will really find time for this. Again, thanks.

  13. Wagas naman sa tagal ang delivery ng iyong SSS ID! Glad that you have finally received it. Hassle lang talaga ang ibang couriers. Ang dalas nilang dahilan na wala raw lumalabas sa house or closed raw kahit hindi naman. I guess courier companies need to train their staff to do better.

    1. True. What’s alarming e this is the local post office that couldn’t find my address. E, I get things delivered to it via LBC, JRS and they don’t have any problems finding the place.

  14. When I was pregnant, I also “tried” to process my SSS ID, yes it was a breeze dahil nga nasa priority lane. Kaya lang sa totoo lang naguguluhan talaga ako sa process kaya hindi ko na natuloy and so hindi ko rin nagamit nung nanganak na ako. Hehe! Anyway, now I want to try again and I need it for ID purposes hehe 😉 Thanks for this post!

  15. UMID is very important talaga. I already have one na rin, but unfortunately it’s still my maiden name. So I will have to update my name to my married name and it will cost me around 300-400 Php already, I think… Medyo hassle magpalit ng name. Haha!

  16. This is timely. I was just about to verify my SSS contribution along with my ID because i stopped my contribution for a while and just reminded to push it again.. I still haven’t got my ID up until now…

  17. I experienced all the hassles in getting my second SSS ID. I called and emailed them too. I even went to the main office in QC, then they advised me to go to post office in QC then the post office informed me na nasa post office na namin in Laguna. Sayang ang pagod and pamasahe, the mailman did not inform me na nasa kanila lang pala.

  18. Wow! This one is very important. Most especially for those who doesn’t have their SSS yet. 😊 I’m glad you posted this.

  19. I haven’t applied for an SSS ID because I find it a hassle. I already have my member ID though as I filed for an E1 form before (I hope I got that right) but I haven’t paid any contributions yet. Do I need to pay anything to avail of the ID?

  20. I also don’t buy that Hindi naman makita yung address/bahay. Lbc has that alibi all the time hahahha! Anyway glad that you post this. This can serve as a guideline to people who would want to follow up their SSS ID

    1. That’s too bad. That’s my fear though kaya inayos ko agad agad. I don’t think I have the energy and patience to go to the main office 😀 Hope your hubby will get his ID soon.

  21. This is a very helpful post! Lalo na sa mga fresh grads who’s also applying for a job. Sometime information like this should be thought in schools para hindi nangangapa mga fresh grads during the employement process. Thanks for sharing your tips!

  22. This is very helpful! Everything a mom or dad needs about the id is here! Will surely tell my mom and other girl friends about this. More power and will be staying tuned for more! ❤️

  23. Very helpful post! I’m a freelancer so it’s really important for me to process my own government IDs and other necessary papers. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  24. Getting my SSS ID was actually one of the most hassle-free government transactions I’ve ever had! I was in SSS in less than 30 minutes and then the ID was mailed to me 6 months after. Wish every transaction was like this!

  25. Oh, hassle naman that it wasn’t delivered straight to your address. It’s good that you were able to trace where it went though and finally get your card. 🙂 I will try to apply for one nga as I don’t have a card yet.

    1. I’m just glad that all I have to do go to the local post office which was conveniently near our place. I’ve heard of some who needed to pick up their ID at the SSS Main branch in QC. Hope you’ll get yours without any delays 🙂

  26. I already have an SSS ID but I bet that this will be a helpful post for those who haven’t gotten or planning to get their SSS IDs. Although, it’s quite frustrating that we don’t have a reliable postal service 😀

  27. Believe it or not, I still don’t have my SSS ID. I started working many years ago then resigned for lawschool. Since then, I never applied na for an ID because of the hassle and medyo tinatamad narin. Hehehe.
    Thank you for these tips btw 🙂

  28. Your post reminds me that I also need to update my SSS ID now that I’m already married. Thank you for sharing this helpful post, at least now I know what to do when its time to go to SSS.

  29. I haven’t applied for this yet though I already notify my company about my second pregnancy. Do I still need one? I tried contacting SSS hotline before and I think they are most available at around 12am, I called the 24/7 hotline, didn’t remember the number na. For the postal, ganyan tlaga sila so you really need to track the time kasi minsan they won’t deliver the notice at kelangan mu pa tlaga sunduin dun if ever.

    1. Yes,sis. The reason why I applied for one is requirements sya when I filed for maternity benefits thru our HR. Once you applied, ok na kahit yung copy nalang ng claim stub 😊

  30. Its nice that the processing is very systematic. Updating the SSS ID is a must. However, the post office nearby should find the addresss to avoid hassles. It is also good that you included the hotline and pages for readers to see.

  31. It took me months too before I got my SSS ID. It’s been in Postal Office for so long. This is very helpful especially to all women updating their status.

  32. I remember acquiring my UMID from SSS. It didn’t exactly take long. I think they mailed the ID to me in a month, more or less. I guess I was just lucky. But hey, congratulations, now you have yours, yay! 🙂 And congratulations on the baby too. See you around, Mommy Kach 🙂

  33. I just remembered na I still haven’t got my UMID and its like 3 months already. Though, I’m not pregnant and not really needing it, it’s still a valid ID. Haha I’ll try to email them too. Thanks for try this info. Sometimes you just don’t know what to do on government processes.

  34. I’ve applied SSS online, but I still haven’t received my SSS ID yet. I wonder what the process is for me. The problem that I think I’ll encounter here is that after I’ve resigned, I stopped contributing to the SSS. I’ll try to get mine since it’s a handy valid ID too.

  35. I have applied for SSS and I have my SSS number but I haven’t gotten my ID yet; you also mentioned that you UMID? That’s the unified one, right? If you don’t mind me asking, may I know how you applied for a UMID? And should I apply for a UMID before getting my SSS id? I currently have different numbers for SSS, Pag-ibig and Philhealth.

    1. hi! you may bring NBI clerance and a copy of your birth certificate if you have no valid IDs. Pwede ding police clearance and/or Baranggay ID. Hope this helps!

  36. paano ko po ba malalaman kung saang post office ko mkukuha ung sss id ko? kasi mrami po samin na malapit lng n post office kala ko kasi idedeliver un sa address na binigay ko sa kanila eh. yun pala sa post office nila binigay.. sana po matulongan nyo aq salamat.

  37. Hi my sss id is still not done it was 2 years ago ..
    When i call ur sss cs they always say temporary unavailable yung system..could u do any action with this? Thank u.

    1. Hi Charish, Sorry to hear that you’re having a hard time with your SSS ID application. However, I’m not in any way affiliated with them. The article I wrote was just a guide for following up on your application, based on my personal experience. It’s best to get in touch with their CS team to help you further. Goodluck!

  38. Hi,
    ask ko lang sana where na Post office sa Taguig ka pumunta? can you give me the address and kung pano pumunta dun? if ever manggagaling ako sa Market2. thanks thanks. 🙂

    1. Hi Hyjay, I went to the one in Lower Bicutan. Since you’ll be coming from Market Market, I think they have an office in SM Aura, it’ll be best if you can inquire there first.

  39. Ask ko lng po panoo poh kung wla pa sss id nag maternity binifits poh ako pwdi poh ba ibang id gamitin ko

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