As a kid, I always look forward to summer. For my siblings and cousins, it meant afternoons of running outside and playing patintero, luksong-baka, shato and chinese garter, squeezed in a trip to the beach or two. At the end of each day, we’d have dirty hands and feet, an occasional scratch on the knee but with happy, cheerful hearts.

It was the best.

Admittedly, that’s not the case nowadays. With how scary and alarming the news are, most kids have very limited physical and social activities outside school. More often that not, it’s just TV or iPad time for them which is sadly even more alarming.

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Kaya when Ate Cesca saw the McDo Kiddie Crew poster on their SM Bicutan branch and begged us to let her join, we were sold.

We were given a form to sign up and asked to pay the P650 registration fee. At first, I though this sounds too much but upon seeing what were included made me realize how sulit it was!


What’s included are the following: a shirt, cap, bag, artwork materials, pins/badges at the end of every activity, certificate and meals for 5 days!

Sulit na sulit right?

We chose the morning session (10AM -12PM) when the mall just opened and there are less people.

For 5 fun-filled days, the little Ate got to tour the store’s kitchen and see firsthand how her favorite Mcdo dishes were made, sing and dance with her new-found friends, welcome patrons to the store, serve food and drinks, ring up customers in the counter and her favorite activity, make her very own McDo cheeseburger.


Since the store is inside the mall, they don’t have a drive-thru. They do have an express counter though and on the first day, the little Ate got to play cashier here.




They also get to work behind the counter and do drink drawer duties.





The activity she enjoyed the most was when they prepared and assembled their own McDo cheeseburgers.

She took home the finished product as pasalubong to her little sister 🙂
They were also given the task to greet customers. Such pretty greeters!
The workshop features different values formation lectures : hard work, responsibility, discipline and sharing. Their creativity are harnessed as well since they are encouraged to create their own scrapbook showing that they did that day.
But what I liked the most with this experience were the social skills my daughter developed in that 5 days. She can be a bit demanding at times but being with kids her age and working along side them, she learned to give way to others. She was also able to build up her confidence in interacting with different kind of people.
She also found new friends and can’t stop talking about them!
Holding hands while waiting for the fries talaga?! haha
Sharing stories while having their meal after a ‘hard day’ at work.
Kikay talk while on shift 😀
They had a graduation ceremony on the 5th day where they sang and dance and were given certificates and badges.
She kept raving how she had much fun she had!
I have to commend as well their facilitators and the rest of the McDonald’s crew who were very nice and ever so patient with the kids. I’ve never worked in a fast food restaurant but my husband did back in college and he can attest how patient-testing it was dealing with customers. Much more to young kids who are curious with just about anything. So thumbs up to you guys!
The little Ate had quite a jam-packed summer (Read her experience as an SM Kiddie Patroller) and she’s now ready to go back to school. But she enjoyed her McDonald’s Kiddie Crew stint so much that she already made us promise to let her come back. And we surely will!
I believe registration for this year’s workshop is already finished but since this is an annual summer program, you can line this up for next year’s activity. 🙂

35 thoughts on “Fun and Learn: Cesca's Mcdo Kiddie Crew 2016 Experience”

  1. That is so cute! I loved that she got that experience. At her age I would have thought that was better than anything else. I loved what it taught her, too. Too often I find that we forget that our kids need to know those social skills and need to know how to talk to people in the community. I will have to look for one of these close to me because I think it would be great for my kids to go!

  2. We had the event here in Cebu where we, bloggers, entertain the kids who joined this workshop. I wasn’t able to attend but it looked so fun. At least may pagkakaabalahan ang mga bata sa summer. I’m hoping McDonald’s will do this again next year though para makasali ako haha

    1. Wow, sana they have that here in Manila so I can join naman haha. Since this is an annual event for them, I’m sure they’ll do something like that again next year. Hopefully you can join na 🙂

  3. Observe the power of marketing and growing a generation of customers at work. On one hand, I do not endorse fastfood for obvious reasons. On the other hand, having kids start early even if they are influenced to be customers of McDo today and the years to come, these are activities that do promote a lot of lessons in life. You can’t have it one way, so having kids learn is the takeaway isn’t it?

    1. It is a nice marketing strategy when you put it that way 🙂 I don’t really allow the kids to have too much fastfood,it’s more of idea of being able to instill in her the value of hard work during her formative years that weighed more.

  4. Wow! It is a very fun activity for the kids. My niece also tried that she had a great time too. It is nice to be serve by these cuties.

  5. I can’t help but get jealous because I really wanted to join a summer program like this back in the day but my family would let me attend summer classes instead. I really admire her for wanting to join the summer kiddie crew workshop. At an early age to be exposed in the field like is not rampant with kids these days. They’d rather stay at home and play. Congrats to your kid and to you as well for being an awesome mom! 🙂

  6. My now 10year old boy was part of McDo’s kiddie crew before and he enjoyed his short stint. He wished to have joined this year again but we were kinda busy with household necessities and with the baby. surely your cutie pie enjoyed as well.

    1. She did 🙂 We were thinking of bailing out the last minute because I needed to tend to the baby as well but thankfully we were able to work out a schedule with my mom.

  7. That’s so interesting! I had no idea that McDonald’s did events like this for kids. I don’t think they do in the US, but I could be wrong. It’s great that she made some friends and had fun eating fries. I admit to having a weakness for McDonald’s fries myself!

  8. I find this activity really a good way of educating kids on how to be responsible at an early age. Only if I was able to free my time during summer, I would have let my son participate in. But anyway, this is an annual activity and I can still let him join for sure. Glad your daughter was the one who urge you to participate and I can see how happy she was after the 5-day program.

  9. Mac Donalds is such a child friendly place. This little experience looks lovely. However I’m not a big fan of Mac Donalds, but when I was a child I loved it so much!!! This must have been a great day and lots of fun!

  10. I wanted Aeon to try this out too. But since I have work and our house help went on vacay. There is no way to send him to this activity. It really does look like the kids had a blast. Hopefully, next year, he can also join.

  11. It’s great that McDonald’s does this program year on year. Gives us parents alternatives for summer activities. I can’t wait till my little one is old enough to join activities like these.

  12. This is great. I also look forward to activities like these. I’m waiting for one to happen here in our place. Once,my son joined the Jollibee workshop. It was really a great experience for him, =)

  13. We were able to join that last year. We didn’t join this time because my son wanted his younger brother to join him also. We’ll try it again when the younger is of age already. 🙂

  14. Little Ate sure looked like she had a blast! I think trainings like these are great for kids and the price you paid I think is worth it. I will surely make Bunny try this when she’s a bit bigger. 🙂

  15. This is so much fun!! We are actually planning to let our son do this when he’s big enough na. Kids will love this activities kasi they like to pretent na they are adults na din haha

  16. oh they’re so cute! when my baby gets old enough to join this, Im sure going to sign him up. You’re right the best thing about these activities are the camaraderie and friendship they build! Sweet photos you have of your kid’s event!

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