As parents, we not only want our kids to have fun but also to continue learning and exploring even if school is out.
Aside from letting my 7 year old have her dose of vitamin sea this summer, I also made sure she participates in fun, worthwhile activities that she’ll learn valuable lessons from.
And so I didn’t think twice when we received an invite to join SM Bicutan’s first ever SM Kiddie Patrol last Sunday, May 8.
The workshop, which runs on all weekends of May, aims to teach young kids the different safety measures when inside the mall.

Kiddie Patrol welcome kits are given upon registration. Inside are the following: blue vest and cap, whistle, notebook and pen.

Prayer before the workshop starts

They also let the participants try the role of future Mall Managers and Officers as they’ll be designated to various units best suited to their abilities as part of their OJTs. To prepare them for this, representatives from the mall’s different departments are invited to show the kids the ins and outs of their jobs.
When we were there, they had the friendly folks from Mall Operations, Car Park, Tenant Relations and Clinic explain what they do to ensure the safety of the mall-goers.
Teacher Jay from Mall Operation

Building Admin Officer Jay discussed their daily task of keeping the mall area clean and safe. Their task also includes escalator and fire exit monitoring.
The kids then went to a quick trip down the car park area where Teacher Leni showed them the different safety and road signs.
Next guest was the mall’s Assistant Manager who taught the kids the role of the Tenant Relations Officer.
Teacher Sam coordinates with the mall’s tenants to make sure that all mall guidelines are being observed and followed.
Last were the mall’s clinic nurses who showed a video on basic wound cleaning and first aid for nose-bleeding.
They also informed the kids that they have a breastfeeding station inside the clinic where nursing mothers can feed their child in comfort.
Q&As and games were also conducted to keep the young kids entertained and engaged.
This weekend, participants will have an art session to be conducted by the Visual Display Team as well as lessons on mall protection with the Security Team. Culminating activity for the workshop will be on May 28th where certificates will be handed out to the participants.
My daughter had fun being an SM Kiddie Patroller for the day and is already looking forward for next weekend’s session. She’s already decided on ‘working’ at the mall’s clinic, by the way.
Overall, I can say that the workshop if a great initiative to involve young kids in promoting mall safety awareness. It’s also an ingenious idea to let them try their hands at the different tasks of each mall department to foster good work ethics and the value of customer service even at a young age.
So mommies, if you are still in the look-out for a fun summer activity that your kids can join, they are still accepting registrants. Grab the chance now for your kids to be an SM Kiddie Patroller!

46 thoughts on “Fun and Learn: Be part of SM’s Kiddie Patrol!”

  1. Kids nowadays are kinda lucky to have these kinds of activities but I would not exchange the days where I spend summer flying kites, looking for spiders, and playing with kids from other barangays. It is kinda different now but at least these kinds of activities will allow a kid to meet your friends and interact with them.

  2. Hope this one is available in Cebu, I love workshops like this one, promotes awareness and responsibility among kids. Hey, atleast they know what they want 15 years from now. 🙂 good read!

  3. That’s really something! I’m sure your daughter loves it. I could imagine my daughter if she’d be given a chance to be a kiddie patroller too! However I don’t think this workshop is being offered in SM Mall near us. Thank you for sharing, though. 🙂

  4. WoW! I didn’t SM has an activity like this. I hope they organize one in Batangas so I can enroll my niece haha I’m glad your daughter had so much fun. 🙂

  5. This is amazing! This workshop is really helpful for kids to become more responsible, hope there’s a workshop like that in Cebu hihi

  6. This is definitely a fun activity for kids. It’s also a good promotion for SM and it increases their foot traffic. A really brilliant idea. Anyway, if I’m already a mom, I’ll only let my kids try this just once. I think that this may greatly influence a child’s aspirations and, of course, when we have kids, we want them to aspire the highest level/ the best they can be.

    1. Well, I don’t see anything wrong having your kid aspire to work as a mall officer or something… if that’s what you’re trying to avoid. And surely that’s not what the program is promoting 😛

    2. This is very good marketing indeed. Though I think more than influencing what they want to be when they grow up (though I have to agree there’s nothing wrong aspiring to work inside a mall 🙂 ), it’s instilling work ethics that was their main goal. 🙂

  7. Great idea! Haven’t heard of this until now. Great way to keep the kids busy this summer without sweating! Looks fun too!

  8. SM seems to be in a roll as far as their CSR in public education program in dealing w/ special kids, PWDs, breast feeding mom’s and safety and security. You have a lovely daughter, BTW 🙂

  9. WOW! this is so cool. I haven’t tried doing this when I was young. Your daughter was so lucky!

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