To say that I’m a fan of Kpub BBQ would be an understatement, having tried their meat-all-you-can offerings more than a couple of times now.
(Our Kpub BBQ Meat-All-You-Can experience here.)
And so I was beyond excited when I was invited to try their latest promotion — the Kpub BBQ Bibimbap Lunch Sets. They have 6 delectable signature dishes that each comes with a big bowl bibimbap for just Php 299.00! Quite a deal, I must say.

What’s more exciting? I got to bring 5 more friends to try them with me. It’s a no-brainer that I bought my high school barkada since we enjoyed the food and stayed for 5 hours (!) the last time we were there.
Weekday Bibimbap Lunch Promo
As the name of the promo implies, it’s only available from Monday to Friday during lunch time. I think this is perfect for yuppies (especially those near their BGC Fort branch), who wanted to have their Korean food fix but only have their lunch hour to spare.
Since we are a group of 6, we were able to share and try all of their Bibimbap Lunch offerings. Let’s start the food parade shall we?
We were first served with miso soup and their complimentary banchan platter of kimchi, seasoned watercress and mashed sweet potato.

Jeyouk Bokkum (Php 299)

Jeyouk Bokkum was the group’s unanimous favorite. It’s stir-fried, thinly sliced pork marinated in spicy ( with a hint of sweetness) chili paste sauce. It goes really well with the bibimbap, though I think it will be perfect wrapped in lettuce leaves as well.
Dak Bulgogi (Php 299)

For those who wanted chicken instead, they also have Dak Bulgogi  which is grilled marinated chicken. This is very tasty and well seasoned that my 3 year old daughter kept on munching on them. This will be perfect to be wrapped in lettuce leaves as well.
So Bulgogi (Php 299)

Pork lovers need not fret though. They also have So Bulgogi which is the grilled marinated pork variant. This got swept off the plate fast!
Sundubu Jjigae (Php 299)

This looked so spicy that we tried it last. Sundubu Jjigae is spicy tofu stew with seafood which the hubby liked. Word of caution though, it’s really spicy (at least for me 🙂 )
Doen Jang Jigae (Php 299)

Doen Jang Jigae is seafood in fermented soybean stew. I liked the broth and I can imagine myself enjoying this on a chilly cold afternoon.
Godunghu Gui (Php 349)

Godunghu Gui is a premium meal. It’s grilled mackerel which was simply salted to showcase the fish’s freshness. My daughter enjoyed this too.
As mentioned, every dish came with a bowl of bibimbap. This was the spicy variety which was a bit too spicy for most of friend’s preference but I loved it haha! Not sure if you can request for the spiciness to be customized though.
Though I’ll always be a fan of their meal-all-you-can promo, Kpub BBQ’s Bibimbap Lunch Sets are very sulit alternatives for your Korean food cravings. For only Php 299+, servings are big enough to be shared and as always service was impeccable. I’d like to note that drinks are not included though.
Their BGC Fort branch is just in front of our office so I guess it’s safe to say that this won’t be a last they’ll see of me there. 🙂
Thank you once more Kpub BBQ for having us!
Thank you as well to my friend, Gev Mallari, for the pics!
K-Pub BBQ 
28th Street corner 5th Avenue
The Fort Strip, Bonifacio Global City
Taguig Philippines
Tel No.: 847-1961 |

49 thoughts on “Let's Eat: Kpub BBQ's New Bibimbap Lunch Set”

    1. I’m the exact opposite haha! Benta sakin ang mga buffet. Although with the Bibimbap Lunch Sets, you can actually order one dish lang then you get one free bowl of bibimbap na and banchan platter. Sulit talaga 🙂

    1. It’s really laidback sis 🙂 They have band pa playing at night. The Jeyouk Bokkum is really the best. Hope you can visit soon 🙂

  1. I am not familiar with all the food listed here, but it seems well worth the money, and the pictures look like you could enjoy the meal and feel really full afterwards. I am not sure I could go back to work on such a full stomach after my lunch break though. Since it is an all you can eat (meat), I doubt they would offer a takeaway option. That would take out the essence of keeping people in there eating, but offer the option of taking a bowl or two with you and having some for lunch and the rest at home.

    1. It’s actually a different promotion from their meal-all-you-can deal 🙂 With the lunch set, you get one dish then one free bowl of bibimbap. I guess they were thinking what you had in mind going back to work on a full stomach so they made it like this. I recommend you try Korean food though especially their meat dishes 🙂

  2. Tried Bibimbap meal when I stayed in a hotel in Cebu and i found the food interesting. My new found friends I shared the meal with recommended moreBibimbap meals at yes- Kpub BBQ.

  3. I have eaten Korean here and there, had friends who cooked this and that. One particular food I did not see in your post is Sam Gyop Sal. It is my all time favorite Korean food!

  4. This looks so, so good! I love a good lunch special too! The Jeyouk Bokkum looked amazing and I can see why it was everyone’s favorite lunch. I also think the bulgogi looked good – the chicken and the pork. I have enjoyed some really good bulgogi before and so I am partial to it! It looked like a lot of fun to be with friends and good food!

  5. Thanks for the sumptuous food KPUB… 😀 and same goes to Mommy Kach,ahaha 😀 set na nten ang plan for the next Meat-All-We-CAN! ahaha 😀

  6. The food looks good. I don’t recognize all the food, but it seems good. The group diner must have been so much fun meeting up all together. To share good food is always much more fun with a group of good friends.

  7. Yummy!!! All the food look so so amazinggg. I’m a big fan of Korean food. I think I’ll definetly like this place!!!

  8. I love having a meal with a big group, always so many memories to ahare and laughs to be had. Although I’m not familiar with all the food, it does look delicious! I love fish so that dish would appeal to me greatly!

    1. I recommend you try Korean food, Georgia 🙂 It’s an acquired taste (mostly the kimchi and their soups) but you can never go wrong with their grilled meat/fish dishes.

  9. I haven’t tried it there. Korean food’s yum though so the next time I’m in the area, I’ll make it a point to drop by. I wonder if they have other branches.

  10. I haven’t been to Kpub yet but my hubby has been there twice for office functions. Like you he also raves about the meat-all-you-can promo. Sayang these new sets are only available on weekdays. Was thinking of trying them out on Sunday for our Mother’s Day celebration.

    1. Hope you can try their meat all you can promo 🙂 I hope they can start offering the Bibimbap lunch sets on weekends as well, sobrang sulit kasi for only 229 e.

    1. I just received confirmation that you can actually ask to control the spiciness of the bibimbap beforehand if you are not into spicy food. The grilled pork is one of the best dishes!

  11. Korean food is just divine! I sure hope I can give this resto a try one of these days! Chap chae is my ultimate fave and I would also love to try the other delectable dishes!

  12. I got a bit turned off here. The first time we ate there, ang dami ng rules and puro “may babayaran po kayo” ang sinasabi. Can they just let us enjoy our food? The food is great, but the service we got was kinda off.

  13. I also like KPub too. Thanks to your post I learned about their great weekday deal. One meal + free bibimbap for only P299 except for the Godungun Gui dish is super worth it. Yuppies like me can last without afternoon snack when I avail of this meal. I personally would like to try the Jeyouk Bokkum dish.

  14. Wow.. I actually haven’t tried Korean food (yeah, poor me) because I’m afraid they’d be too spicy? Well, looks like you had a great time! Will bookmark this post when I finally decided to go Korean. Thanks!

  15. Wow! Considering the price, taking your family who would love the niche of the dish would really find it worth it. There are some stores that offer higher price per dish and glad that this Kpub doesn’t cost that much.

  16. I love Korean food, the first time I tasted them is in this nondescript carinderia in Makati and they absolutely serve the most scrumptious dishes! I love chap chae and bulgogi. I sure hope I can try this resto out one of this days. Do you perhaps know if they have a nearer branch in the north?

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