Summer is indeed here. And what’s the perfect time to plan a beach getaway but now?
Though I have long accepted the fact that it may take some time before we can haul our kid army to the beach, it sure didn’t stop me from daydreaming of having our dose of vitamin sea soon.
Enter the relaxing experience I had at Buri Resort and Spa in Puerto Galera.
Last year, after winning the coveted Team of the Year award, our awesome team of 10 headed off to Buri Resort and Spa for a much needed (and deserved!) R&R.


It took 2 hours travel time from our office in Taguig to Berberabe Port in Batangas where a private boat arranged by the resort picked us up. Strong waves welcomed us, wobbling the boat, momentarily silencing our otherwise loud chatter and laugh. Despite of the bumpy ride, we cannot hide our excitement as we finally get a glimpse of the resort’s facade.

Out of the office at last!

20150212_103638 (002)
We were welcomed with rolled cold  towels and refreshing drinks.

And this glorious view of the pool!


If you are only familiar with the wild, party-crazed, mini-Boracay like side of Puerto Galera, you’ll be in for a surprise once setting foot at Buri Resort and Spa. Being the only 4 star boutique spa resort in Galera, the place boasts of a private and serene ambiance perfect not just for honeymooners but also for city-weary groups like us.
The landscape of the resort is surrounded by lush greens that added to it’s tropical vibe. One thing to note though, since it’s situated on a hill — prepare for steep and winding stairs to be able to go to the villas.

It’s a workout to go up and down these steps!

We got the Pool Villa which is 2 story, duplex styled that can fit up to 6 persons. It has 2 large bathrooms with complete amenities and an outdoor plunge pool that got us very excited!
They have one of the softest bed and pillow!

We had plans of late night dips here with cold beer on hand  but that quickly changed when we noticed that there were frogs nearby. Yikes!

Since most of us came from shifts the night before, we spent the a good part of the afternoon hanging out on our villa’s veranda getting drunk. haha! To sober up, we headed down to the pools which I think is the best part of the resort.
Let me photo dump so you can see for yourselves.
To get the most of our stay, we also decided to go to White Beach for some good old Mindoro Sling. 😀 Boat transfer can also be arranged by the resort but we opted to haggle with the bangkeros ourselves.
The sissies, who were kind enough to adopt me haha!

The beachfront of Buri Resort is pebbly, a far cry from the powdery sand of White Beach.

Scouting the place for our spot.

20150212_171723 (002)
One of the reason to hang out on the beach — spectacular sunset.

I was wary when I learned that we’ll be going to Puerto Galera. I’ve had had my fair share of mindless partying and to be honest, that’s what I thought the place only has to offer. But again, our stay at Buri Resort and Spa proved that there is more to Puerto Galera than it’s crowd of party goers.
The resort’s tranquil atmosphere and breath-taking view was a welcome change for us office dwellers. It really helped re-energized our spirits, truly a perfect place for relaxation.
Having said that, I think it’s about time for the team to plan a trip again, haha!
I think Buri Resort and Spa is one of Puerto Galera’s best kept secret and I plan to go back hopefully next time with the whole fam bam. It’s on my travel bucket list!
Do you have your own travel bucket list for this summer? I’d love to hear from you, do share!

Buri Resort & Spa

Sitio Dalaruan Brgy. Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro | Facebook | Website

Credits to Clariza Lopez for the awesome pool pics!


64 thoughts on “Buri Resort and Spa – Not Your Usual Puerto Galera Experience”

  1. This looks like a great place to unwind. We need this in our lives. The more responsibilities that we get, the more we’re interested in places like these. Thank you for sharing. By the way, how much did the boat men charged you for a round trip boat ride from Buri Resort to White Beach? Mindoro Sling is a really must try for visiting Puerto Galera.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. We really were able to recharge our batteries while we were at Buri Resort. I think we were able to haggle down to 500 pesos for the round trip boat ride. It was near dusk when we left and they don’t usually sail out at night so the price was higher.

  2. What a stunning place to be ! I so love visiting sites with that kind of posts , REAL photos and not touristy photo shopped publicity by travel agencies ! Thanks for sharing these amazing pictures , I am sure you had a fantastic time !

    1. There were just 2 more couple there when we were checked in, so it felt like we had the resort to ourselves at time. I think Buri Resort and Spa currently have a promo where their rate starts at 4.2k per person. You may want to check their site for more details. 🙂

      1. 4.2K per person is still pricey, haha! A place of peace is indeed a rare find, and when you found one, our hard earned moolah from this crazy world will be spent there.

  3. The place looks beautiful! I’m soo craving for the beach and can’t wait for our next beach adventure. My sis in law mentioned about Puerto Galera and I might recommend this resort. thanks for sharing!

  4. It’s at Puerto Galera where my boys learned and enjoyed snorkeling; I forgot though the name of the resort. It’s not definitely Buri Resort and Spa as you’ve got real nice ambiance there. Nonetheless, I still love Puerto Galera and would appreciate if next time, we check in at Buri Resort and Spa. Thanks for this.

    1. We tried snorkeling as well and my friend who is very well traveled actually mentioned na may maganda ang Galera compared to sa Palawan. Need to see for myself though haha.

  5. Oh how I’d love to dip my toes into that pool! I’ve never been to Puerto Galera — maybe I should add this resort to my bucket list!

  6. Back when I lived in Boracay for five years, and then some resorts started building pools, I questioned the logic. Of course the pools were useful during habagat season when waves are stronger on the beachfront. In Puerto Galera, I think almost all the nice resorts have pools as a way to compensate for the less than stellar beachfronts.

  7. A privilege like this is such an amazing experience, all of you are having fun and having a great time to relax and feel the nature, it’s a very good place to escape from the virtual world. Relax relax. Great blog.

  8. It looks like a wonderful place for a relaxation weekend. I would have jumped into that Jacuzzi, even if there were frogs around. They wouldn’t have gone into the water, haha.

  9. The place looks really calm and relaxing. Photos look nice. Your post is really helpful for people who might want to go there. Thanks for sharing!

  10. It’s so nice, though I hope the CR looks better :)) I have a thing for nice bathrooms. Other than that, the place looks divine 🙂

  11. The last time I was in Puerto Gallera during my single days back 2007, siguro madami na changes. Will check this resort looks nice thanks for sharing

  12. I never even knew that such a place existed in Puerto Galera. I want this for my family. It looks like a piece of heaven.

  13. Finally found a resort to consider when we plan our trip to Puerto Galera! I too have the impression of the island just for party goers, based on the social media posts I usually see. I’m glad that there’s actually a beautiful resort such as Buri to runaway to for maximum relaxation.

  14. I could live here! huhu. I love the pool setup. How was the price po? Thank you for suggesting yet again another must-go place I could add to my bucket list!

    1. You’re welcome! Not really sure of the package we got since it was paid by our company. But you may check Buri Resort’s webpage, I believe they have an ongoing summer promotion. 🙂

  15. I really want to visit Puerto Gallera and witness its beauty but one thing that makes me hesitant is the overwhelming crowd.. i think the Puerto Gallera has been spoiled too much like Boracay but after seeing this post, i think, there are still places here that are worth visiting if you really want to relax and unwind…

  16. Awww. How I wish we can also visit the place with my whole family. Looks very relaxing in your pics. We are six in the family so it’s kinda expensive to pay for everything. I got the chance to check the white beach area when my hubby and I visited a friend in Calapan. So, we were able to check the place without paying for food and accommodation. I never thought that there are other places like this in the area. Thanks for sharing!😊

  17. I’ve never been to Puerto Galera. So I guess I am considering this lovely place when we finally have planned to have quick getaway there. Thanks for posting this! 🙂

  18. Is this somewhere in the white beach or Sabang? I liked Puerto Galera, though not as much as I love Boracay. But still it’s a nice place to visit for a quick getaway. And Buri Resort looks ideal for that purpose. I must say I am impressed with the ambiance.

  19. Ive been eyeing this resort for summer next year. We are near Batangas Port and the travel and transpo can be very accessible going to puerto galera. The resort was lovely! Will bookmark this!

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