Aside from the blissful sleep we had, another highlight of our staycation at the Acacia Hotel Manila was the complimentary buffet breakfast we got to enjoy the next morning.
It’s no secret that I live for buffet meals! If asked where we want to eat, be it for a simple get together or for a birthday celebration, my number 1 recommendation would be to a buffet restaurant. Sulit na sulit for me since I am a hearty eater.
And so it goes without saying that the buffet breakfast was what I looked forward to the most  during our staycation.
I have to apologise before hand though that because of my excitement (haha!), I was not able to take decent photos of the food. It’s one of those instances where the foodie in me won over being a blogger lol!
I think it should be illegal for any self respecting buffet spread to skip bacon. And it’s agood thing that Acacia again did not disappoint. The first thing that’ll greet you is this glorious tray of bacon that got wiped out fast. Points to the staff for replenishing it immediately though.
If you prefer a light breakfast, they have a cereal making station. My eldest being a picky eater had this.
They also have a wide variety of bread selections complete with your choice of spreads and cheese.
They also have a salad bar and if you are one of those types who’s particular with how they like their eggs, you can actually request how you’d like it done.
Should you want to have a more traditional Filipino breakfast, they also have the usual tocino, tapa, relyeno and even fried danggit that you can pair with either regular steamed or fried rice. Was not able to take a photo of these though.
There were a couple of Japanese and Korean tourists during our stay so that may have been the reason why aside from the usual cold cuts, they also served sushi and kimchi.
Not pictured as well was their juice bar. If you are a coffee drinker, you can  also request for one prepared specifically to your liking.
One thing I appreciate as well was that since we had kids with us, they personally asked if they’d like some milk, either warm or with ice. Just goes to show how they go the extra mile to assist their guests.
Let’s not forget the dessert station shall we? Though modest compared to most buffet spread, sweet lovers will still love this. What’s better than having cake for breakfast?
Please know that I had several plates of these haha! #sorrynotsorry
It’s pretty obvious that the buffet breakfast was a hit for us. But was has set it apart from my other buffet experience was the superb service that came along with it. True to their word, the staff truly made us feel at home while dining. They were attentive, even intuitive, to our needs seeing that we have moody kids with us very early in the morning.
As with our stay, we only have good words for our buffet dining experience. This is what I will personally be looking forward to again once we come back. 😉

29 thoughts on “Breakfast at Acaci – Acacia Hotel Manila”

  1. I think i would love to spend more time with that cereal making station.. it feels like this area wil bring out the inner kid in me haha
    Except for birthdays and other occasions, I have never been to a buffet-centered restaurants and I really want to experience it someday! It must be a tummy-fulfilling experience!

  2. This made me drool! haha The dessert section is heaven! It won’t hurt if I visit this place sometime, since it’s just a few rides away from my home. Thanks for featuring this 🙂

  3. I don’t usually enjoy the complimentary breakfast buffet from hotel stays because I wake up really late and I’m not a breakfast eater. Most of the time, I choose room package without breakfast and just order breakfast for in-room dining.

  4. You had me at bacon! Hahaha. This post reminds me to hit up a buffet restaurant and just treat myself once in a blue moon with an eat-all-you-can. I do hope I could get to experience this restaurant’s service when I chance a visit nearby. 🙂

  5. Nakakagutom! *Do you hear my stomach rumbling right now?!* Haha. You had me sold at bacon, and drooling at the sushi bar. Goodness! Now I’ll be wanting something like this for lunch today. Hehe. Thank you!

  6. Whenever we book in a hotel, it’s the breakfast spread that we are looking forward to. Acacia Hotel’s breakfast buffet seems lovely and we’d love to try it out soon.

  7. I just like how the bacons are fried same with the danggit. And just like your eldest, mine too would prefer cereals but after that will try almost everything Na. Ihihi

  8. If I lived in the South I’d pay a visit! When in doubt, always bacon! The place looks great for a heavy breakfast though! Maybe it’s a good spot for staycation, too!

  9. I also loved our Acacia Hotel staycation when hubby and I went there on Valentine’s 2015! And I love Acaci–ganda ng ambiance. My favorite was the tapa. Most delicious tapa I’ve ever tasted. 😉

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