Asociation de Demas Filipinas provides education, health care, feeding and social services to orphaned and/or abandoned children.

Every year, our company aims to give something back to the community through various local civic and charitable programs.  Last December, I had the opportunity to be part of our outreach activity for the year’s chosen organization, Asociation de Demas Filipinas.
The kids of ADFI while waiting for the program to start

Backpacks that were among the pool gifts prepared for the kids

With the mga punong-abala before the program. Hi Madam and Charrisse!

The afternoon program opened with a prayer followed by the children’s song and dance performances.
From what I observed, the orphanage is one of the top choices of companies and personalities for their outreach programs hence the praktisadong production number. The kids danced and sang like pros!
There were also games that were facilitated by the Jollibee crews and William Hill volunteers where toys were given as prizes. Jollibee was also there, both a hit to the kids and kids-at-heart 🙂
A child’s simple joy, playing with rubber bands. I remember playing with one when I was a kid making a ‘star’ and ‘bahay ni batman’ 😛

And of course, if there are kids there should be Jollibee! The kids enjoyed their meal of chicken, spaghetti, burger and juice.
To be honest, when I was asked if I wanted to join the outreach program in the orphanage, I initially wanted to decline. I felt it’s too much effort to smile and socialize with them kids when what I really wanted to do was just finish my pending emails, rush back home to my own kids and call it a day. 
I caught myself after realizing how selfish that sounded and eventually said yes. And seeing how genuinely happy the kids were, I’m glad that I came.
It is a truly humbling experience to see how these ‘less fortunate’ kids find such joy and contentment on the simplest of things especially when it’s very easy for most of us ‘more fortunate’ ones to feel short changed even if we have already have the ‘best’. 
I did rush home to my family after the program. I do have a hungry infant to feed after all. But I also now have a gallery full of photos and stories that I wanted to share with my 2 older kids.
With children nowadays growing up with the wrong sense of self entitlement with just about everything, I can only hope that sharing what I’ve seen and experienced that afternoon to Keka and Seven will somehow make them appreciative and thankful of whatever they’ll have in life.
Encouraging words to never stop dreaming.

Association De Damas De Filipinas

1451 President Quirino Avenue , Paco, Manila, Philippines

(02) 563-2309/ 0923-5979962


47 thoughts on “WHO Close to Home Outreach Program – Asociation de Damas Filipinas”

  1. Doing outreach program is something very dear to me and husband. I pray that your company be more successful so they be able to continue their social responsibility program.

  2. Aww! I love the personalized encouraging message for each child (bag tags)
    That’s of one of dream for our small biz, to earn enough to support a charity event as well.
    Good decision that you went to your company’s event mommy 🙂

  3. It’a great to see brands supporting charitable activities.It’s a great feeling to give back even if what we basically do is soend time with them isn’t it?

  4. I’m pretty sure this means a lot on the kids. They look very happy. I always love kids gathering too, because kids are genuine and we can learn so many things from them, specially when it comes to simplicity. 🙂

  5. This is why I love volunteering on outreach events. The smiles on their faces are priceless. I really hope other people would see this and follow suit. Kindness really goes a long way. 🙂

  6. I’ve always wanted to be a part of this kind of event but I don’t know how or who should I approach
    it is so nice of you to offer your time and effort and be part of this outreach program… maybe i can join you sometimes

  7. I’m so glad for you that you went. 🙂 I hope to be able to join outreach programs too and I’d like to teach my kids the value of giving and sharing.

  8. Joining outreach programs is also a plan in the future. I also plan of visiting homes like this every year to celebrate my son’s birthday. But that would be when my son’s already able to understand everything.

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