Sorry, hindi po ako nagshopping sa Japan (how I wish!).
I’m just very lucky to have very generous tita and sisters who never forget me whenever they send ‘care packages’ home.
Late last month when they asked what I wanted, I was wary to ask for clothes/dresses since I still don’t know how soon I’ll be able to get back to my ‘pre-pregnancy’ body. I then immediately remembered the sulit and kikay stuff that Mommy Fleur got when she went to Japan earlier this year.
I’m not really full on into make up although I appreciate a good facial cleanser and eyebrow pencil/ powder when I see one, so I asked if I can have Cure Facial Wash (which I’ve been reading raves about), cult classic favorite K-Palette Tattoo 2- way Eyebrow as well as Biore nose strip.
For someone who’s been living in Japan for more than 10 years, my aunt was not familiar with Cure Facial Wash (it’s said that thousand of bottles are sold in Japan everyday). I was also under the impression that the brands I requested can be bought in drugstores like drugstore brands Maybelline which apparently was not the case as well.
Needless to say, I was very excited to receive their gifts 🙂 The kids got very cute shirts and dresses from H&M which go crazy cheap when on sale. I got the the following:

Very cute and dainty earrings. Too cutesy for me so this will be added to Cesca’s and Seven’s collections.

Colorful nail polishes that will perk up any given day

Huge FAIL hahaha! I asked my dear sister to get me the eyebrow wand and she got me the eyeliner instead. In fairness to her, they bought it the last minute and was not able to check the label. It kinda looked the same as well.

This I’m very excited to try. Sister told me to use it once a week lang since it’s very adhesive.

I don’t really put on make up but I always see to it that I groom and line my eyebrows whenever I’m out. But since I got the eyeliner, I will start watching tutorials on how to put it on so I can do a review soon. Same with the nose strip, haven’t had the time to try it yet. Will definitely post a review as soon as I can 🙂
Na lost in translation din ang Cure Facial Wash but that’s okay. After all, it’s the thought that counts and I’m very thankful that they were able to find the time to pick up the things I requested.
As I’m currently on a self-imposed shopping ban, the gifts I received certainly curbed my shopping itch (at least for this month haha!).
How about you? Have any ‘loots’ you’d like to share?

7 thoughts on “Life Lately: Japan Loots”

  1. Nice! I have always loved those little trinkets and whatnot from Japan. Good thing you have relatives who can buy these things for you. I have read so much raves about Cure Facial Wash too. I haven’t come around to buying a bottle though. I heard it’s quite expensive

  2. That was the thing that I was most excited about haha! I heard they have Cure in Beauty Bar around 1.5k, quite expensive but it works wonder in exfoliation daw 🙂

  3. They’re so sweet! 🙂
    The K-Palette eyeliners are really great! You’ll love them. You’ll soon get the hang of wearing a cat eye and you’ll be surprised! I used to not know a thing about makeup until I learned how to do the cat eye 😀 ✽‿✽ ❤︎ laineyloveslife

  4. I love nose patch! Its the easiest way to get rid of my blackheads, esp the super adhesive ones… The eyeliner looks interesting to me, i never go out without the “kilay” and eyeliner! Parang there’s something lacking about my face pag dull yung eye area ko.. Hehehe

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