Being a first time mom in the infant/baby section of the department store where you will be confronted with shelves upon shelves of baby products and equipment can be VERY overwhelming. Believe me, even I still get carried away when I’m in one.

However, learning from my newbie mommy mistakes with my 2 daughters where I basically just picked and grabbed anything pink and cute, we tried a more practical approach in shopping for Baby Number 3’s newborn essentials.

With you strolling in the aisle of the store with your belly sticking out, sales personnel will be more than willing to help you. Though they mean well, they will also surely be handling you stuff that you don’t necessarily need at the moment.

A list will help you track what is actually needed and keep you within budget.


Of course, having a list is one thing, sticking to one is another!

Whether you’re a first time mom or a mom of 5, it’s very hard to resist when were in our maternal nestling stage. We wanted to have everything for the baby but it’s important remember that at her/his first 3 months, everything is not necessarily the best thing.

Here’s my ‘list‘ when we shopped for Raven’s things last weekend.
newborn-absolute-list1 newborn-absolute-list2

  • 6 tie-sides (sleeveless) – Perfect for our weather and you can just practically dress them even when they’re sleeping. We only got 6 since we still have Cesca’s and Seven’s old ones. Relax, not in pink but in white naman guys hehe. Got those in 3-6 months size as well para may allowance since the baby will grow out of them fast.
  • 3 tie-sides (with sleeves) – for when it gets cold.
  • 6 pairs of pajamas 
  • 6 pairs of shorts
  • 6 pairs mittens – Baby’s nails grow ridiculously fast so these are important for them not to scratch themselves. I also prefer the ones that can be tied since they stay on longer.
  • 2 caps – Based from experience, we didn’t really get to use the cute and frilly caps we bought for Cesca and Seven before unless they’re going out (visiting Nanay or to the doctor’s) so just 2.
  • 5 10 pairs socks – I admit we went a bit crazy with the socks! So many cute designs, you guys!
  • 3 onesies – Got those that snaps in the nappy area so changing diapers can be easy. Especially if they’re already sleeping at night. Believe me, you wouldn’t want to wake them up 🙂 Good if they’ll be staying in air-conditioned rooms as well.
  • 24 pcs lampin. You can never have too many lampins. I like the ones from Beginnings (bird’s eye diapers) since they’re not too manipis and are very absorbent.
  • 4 pcs. receiving blankets. We decided to scratch these off the list the last minute since we still have those of Cesca’s and Seven’s. Some are pink and very girly but we’ll just be using them around the house so we figured that’ll be fine. haha!
  • 2 swaddling blankets. These are perfect to keep babies snug while sleeping. Also minimizes the startle reflex meaning they sleep longer and more comfortable.
  • going home outfit


  • newborn disposable diapers – We are seriously considering switching to cloth diapers for Baby Number 3 but nevertheless these are handy for quick nappy changes. But it’s advisable to just get a few first to see how your baby’s skin will react to it. Hiyangan lang din talaga siya. Anyways, it’s just quick run to the supermarket in case you need more. For the 2 older kids, they both used EQ and they didn’t get rashes naman.
  • cotton balls – Unless were outside, we just use these when changing nappies. Very economical, just wet with plain water. I also use these when bathing since I find washcloths too harsh pa for baby’s skin.
  • alcohol-free disposable baby wipes – for when you’re out and the baby made a boomboom 🙂
  • waterproof changing pads – I personally prefer the old-school one, yung made of rubber.
  • petroleum jelly – for when they’ll get diaper rashes. There are a lot of diaper creams available in the market but again based from experience these works just as well.


  • 3 4 and 8 oz. bottles – I’m planning to breastfeed but these are essential in case someone else needs to feed the baby expressed breastmilk.
  • bottle brush
  • nipple brush
  • bottle rack
  • milk container – to store formula milk
  • nursing pillow – Promise. You’ll thank yourself later for buying one.
  • nursing pads – Got both the washable (for when I’m just at home) and disposable (for going out) ones.
  • sterilizer You can get an aluminium or an electric one but we scratched this off the list as well. We’ll just heat water, put it in a container and pop the bottles until warm.

NOTE: We didn’t buy any formula milk yet since I’ll be breastfeeding while on ML. You’ll need your paediatrician’s advise to buy one as well. We also held off buying a breast pump since were still checking out different brands. Any suggestions, mommys?


  • 1 hooded towel/ 2 microfiber towels – We still have Cesca’s hand-me-down, still very fluffy and absorbent. Again, it’s not pink so oks lang kay baby boy 🙂
  • 3 pcs. wash cloths
  • Lactacyd baby wash – This is what I used for Cesca and Seven so tried and tested na.
  • aceite manzanilla – for kabag
  • baby oil
  • baby alcohol
  • cotton ear buds
  • hairbrush and comb – these usually comes as a set.
  • baby nail scissors – I had an incident using a nail clipper with Seven before so I prefer using this instead.
  • Bulb syringe nasal aspirator
  • baby powder/baby cologne – Asthma runs in our family so none of these muna.
  • bath tub  – Seven’s old one is still in very good condition


  • nursery linens – Really didn’t buy anything aside from some fitted sheets and crib blankets since we still have those of the older kid’s. We also bought pillow cases since the ones at home were so girly 🙂 However, it’s actually not advised to stuff the newborn’s crib with too much pillows and blankets since they might suffocate.
  • crib/playpen – Didn’t buy one as well since Seven’s can still be used. Pink nga lang haha.
  • crib/playpen net – to keep insects and mosquitoes out of the baby’s sleeping area.
  • crib mobile – Baby wouldn’t really need/appreciate this on his first months.


  • storage for baby’s things – got one of those plastic mega boxes.
  • thermometer
  • diaper bag


You ARE pregnant and tires very easily, so it’s good to have somebody else carry all the stuff you bought haha. Seriously, especially for first time parents, it’s a good bonding experience for you and the mister. 🙂


They’re heaven sent! Most often that not, they’re were just used a couple of times and will surely save you extra bucks that you can then spend on other frilly stuff.

So there’s my tips and personal check-list. Please remember that my list was tailored to fit our nursery’s current inventory/my baby’s immediate needs. More will surely be added along the way like feeding utensils once he’s given the go signal to eat solids, etc.

On the other hand, if you want to be thorough and budget is not a concern, here is the Mother’s check list from Baby Company for reference:
Yes, shopping for your baby could be overwhelming but it’s should also be cherished and enjoyed. Just think of it as you and your baby’s first bonding activity! It was for me, as baby was kicking in my tummy the whole time 🙂

Hope this gave you an idea of what to get for your little one. Have anything to add to the list? Feel free to leave a comment and share!

26 thoughts on “Tips when Shopping for Your Baby’s Things (Plus My Newborn Absolute Checklist)”

  1. Yes! I agree with you mommy, before you go shopping for your baby clothes you must do the list first and be sure that it is very useful for your infant kasi sa subrang daming cute na mga damit for infant we tempt to buy then ang bilis lang lumaki ni baby so nasasayang lang.

    1. Korek mommy. Ganyang ganyan nangyari sakin with my 2 daughters. E ngayon we’re having a boy so yung mga baby clothes nila hindi pwede. Natuto na kami this time 🙂

  2. We also exclusively used disposable diapers for two or three months before we started cloth diapering. Medyo intense kasi sila magpoop pag maliit pa hehe.

  3. The hand me downs are great. They have helped me a lot especially when my baby was messing up too many clothes. The hand me downs were the lifesavers. Like emerency clothes.

  4. Awww this makes me reminisce those times when I was pregnant with my kids. I have three now but I actually want one more. I miss having a baby in the house. But great job on the list! We really do learn more as we get more kids diba? 🙂

    1. Yes, we do 🙂 I made a lot of newbie mommy mistakes when I shopped for my eldest buti nalang my 2nd was a girl din so she still got to use her ate’s hand me downs.

  5. Thanks for sharing Momny Kach! 🙂 I’m a first time mom and I’ve seen The Baby Company’s list before. I just find it too long a list! I was thinking 12 of each side-tie clothings a lot considering how fast baby’s grow. My mom always reminds me not to overshop or I’ll end up wasting money..
    I bookmarked your link because I’m shoppint for my baby boy soon. I have a list ready but I mught modify it and compare it to yours, because you’ve experienced and done this before. 🙂 thanks again! The post is very helpful for me..

    1. Wow, glad to be of help 🙂 I got overwhelmed as well on my first pregnancy that I basically picked anything and everything haha. Hope you’ll have a great time shopping for your baby boy, enjoy!

  6. Oh yes, LISTS are essential when shopping! Your list is quite comprehensive and would be a big help to new moms. Both my pregnancies were difficult so hubby was always the one in charge of shopping for newborn stuff. I’d give him a list of things to get but more often than not, he’d come home with so many ‘extras’. 😛

    1. Thanks Olga! I guess I was fortunate to have relatively easy pregnancies because it’s the OTHER way around with my husband. You give him a list and there are still a lot of things missing 🙂

  7. Hand-me-downs are such a godsend when you have a new baby!!! I remember back when I was preggers, we signed up for the Rustan’s baby registry and their service was great. We had a checklist and a shopping assistant! So glad I decided to go for that coz we really ended up having everything we needed/wanted and more.

  8. Nice one! Your list would be really helpful to a lot of expecting mums. I also consulted shopping lists before I gave birth, but I ended up buying too much stuff. Next time I’ll stick to the basics!

  9. Oh I agree about keeping a list, although I didn’t have a hard time sticking to it on the second and third baby. I realized with the first baby that I didn’t need so many of what we had. e.g. crib. None of my kids wanted to sleep in the crib. I guess our budget had a lot to do with it, too, hehe

  10. I miss having a little one! Napamigay ko na baby clothes ng boys ko so I don’t get any ideas of having another one SOON. I highly recommend Avent for breast pumps. 🙂

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